Saturday, August 8, 2020

Sin and Silence...

 We must #pray without ceasing!

If not you, someone you know… In a world so big and so overpopulated, yet in our small circles, if not you, someone you know.

Some have heard the gospel over and over again, and have still not made a decision. Some have heard the gospel and have rejected it. Some have heard the gospel, received it and left it there. Some even attend church regularly and are so proud of it, even brag about it. Yet for many it’s just a physical appearance once a week to get “it done” or even maybe, a religious duty from their upbringing. Many post “God is Good” and other religious (words) and they do not know Him personally. Some are ignorant and truly do not know the meaning of sin. They certainly wouldn’t admit “I am a #sinner!”

Some may have never heard, “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” I was one of them.

Some may be living with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Some are having sex outside of marriage. Some are married and having sex with someone other than their spouse. Some are addicted to food, tv, social media, politics, pornography, alcohol, drugs, gambling, gaming, etc.

Some truly think “I’m a good person!“ Says who?

Some brag about how many times they have read the Bible, yet there is no Holy Spirit power or fruit evident in their Christian walk. Yes, we all know some people like this. Some manipulate God’s word to justify their behavior and/or their current circumstances. Some believers love reading book after book, after book, about God’s word, but not God’s Word. Some have a wealth of bible knowledge and no heart connection to the God of the Bible. Many know the Lord’s prayer and Psalm 23 verbatim, but still do not trust God.

So many people think that there are many ways to Heaven. Countless still think that the “god” they know is #good so after they die, they’ll just walk right in. It doesn’t help when the news and even a lot of funeral eulogies make it seem as though #everybody’s going to heaven.

Death is all around us. It always has been. The virus seems to make it so very close and so insurmountable on the daily news. When sharing the gospel, I grieve because many still don’t want Jesus. Many still don’t see their need. Many are seeking truth and fulfillment in other gods. Many are bound by what their ancestors believed. Many are comfortable in their sin and absolutely refuse to give it up. Many are involved in inappropriate relationships and don’t want a God to tell them to give it up or how to govern their lives.

I was listening to Andy Stanley the other day and every time he asked the unbelievers a hypothetical question about their (god) he said, “Who told you that?”

And oftentimes when I ask people if they think they’re going to heaven, they say, “I hope so!” When I tell them how they can be sure, it somehow still interferes with the life they have created for themselves. We are creatures of habit and are afraid to try something different. I πŸ™πŸ½PRAYπŸ™πŸ½ with my whole being that it will not take a tragedy for the unbeliever to come to Jesus. I will not stop praying for the lost. I will not stop sharing the gospel. I will not stop praying that God will do #whatever it takes to bring every unsaved soul to the foot of the cross. 

I PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY for having MERCY on me. He didn’t have to but He did. He so did!

Please, please, please...I have prayed for you and your loved ones, strangers and friends. I weep over your souls. Please, please, please, come out of the darkness as satan is rejoicing over your inability to see we put Jesus on the cross. The undeserved penalty Christ paid for you and me. His shame, pain and disgrace for our ugly, filthy transgressions. GOD forsook His BELOVED SON and Lavished that love on us! Investigate this gospel truth. Read the gospel of John. Reach out to a Pastor or close friend, someone known to walk with the Lord Jesus. Not someone who will agree with your misguided beliefs, but someone willing to speak the truth in love even if it hurts your heart. I say, “Hurt me with God’s truth!” Seriously, who wants to get to hell and discover it was all true? Please don’t glance over that sentence...

Ask God to lead you and guide to biblical truth. Why be under the assumption that you are going to heaven? Why pretend that it doesn’t matter what happens when you die? Why just (hope) for the entrance into the heavenly gates because you’re a good person? Why not settle it and put your life and your faith in the Person of Jesus Christ? You may not get the coronavirus and die, but we’re all going die and only God knows the day. You can follow your own opinion, copy someone else’s, believe the bumper sticker or the social media postings on how to have a happy life now, or you can #repent today and turn to Jesus Christ and follow Him. Not just receive Him, but dying and denying self and wholeheartedly follow Him.

Please make good use of this pandemic and read the entire Gospel of #John. We’ll be here awhile so how about reading the book of Revelation next? The ending is so good. So very good for those who believe!

#Romans 5:8

#Romans 10:9-10

 “Some of you say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to some city. We will stay there a year, do business, and make money.” But you do not know what will happen tomorrow! Your life is like a mist. You can see it for a short time, but then it goes away. So you should say, “If the Lord wants, we will live and do this or that.” But now you are proud and you brag. All of this bragging is wrong. And when a person knows the right thing to do, but does not do it, then he is sinning.” James 4:13-17 ICB

I didn't even mention LGBTQ and the influence and confusion it's brought on our youth, the crooked and deceitful politics and the topic of abortion...

HE is the GOD of all flesh and not only does He see all this mess and is grieved, but He has a day of judgement.  The God of all Creation is being OH SO MERCIFUL, but only for so long...

Yes He is a GOD of LOVE, but also JUST and HOLY!!!

In the name of Jesus, church pray, repent, pray and share the #gospel truth without leaving out the "sin" is why He came!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Father there is SO much going on right now and I can ONLY PRAISE YOU!  If I take my focus off of You and YOUR continued goodness, my spirit would be low to the ground and I would be decieved into believing what I see, as opposed to WHO YOU ARE and what YOU have done and promised!

I PRAISE You and I say, Thank YOU:

From Chicago: You gave me Debbie and wow.....what a Divine time in prayer we shared two weeks ago!!!! Absolutely speechless and filled with Holy tears for sure.  And today, we had the most humbling privilege again, to join our Jordan believers in sharing the work of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit's movement...

From South Carolina: You gave me Myriam!  My beloved sister in the faith, whom I've yet to meet but trust in her faithful heart for You and her commitment to pray!

From New York:  You gave me Patricia!  She too loves You in great depth and has a heart for prayer and encouraging Your people.  Another sister in the faith that I've yet to meet, but resonates with my heartbeat, as we worship One God, One Spirit and One Truth!

From England:  You gave me the Kidduo's, the Barlows' and the Stevens'....believers who are serving You with their whole hearts in the United Kingdom and most surrounded by non believers and muslims.... BUT You God, You are there!!!

From the Middle East:  You gave me the Farley's and the precious gift of interceding for the things that You have placed on their hearts.  Their heart's desire to serve You in one of the most oppressive countries, but fully believing that You have surely called them for such a time as this!  Hallelujah!!!

From Japan: You gave me the Luethy's and the Baden's.  Oh so precious to join them in prayer weekly and get so many praise reports.  You have given us a family that is eternal and it is no way to properly explain it with human words.  You are breaking down barriers, slowly but effectively in a Country where it is less than 1% Jesus!  YET You love them!

From Ghana:  You have given me the #beloved twins, Martha, Emman and his family, and so many more precious souls, saved and not yet saved.... God You are SO AWESOME and INCREDIBLY Present in every area of this globe.  Tearing down strongholds, lies, demonic forces, idol worship and everything else that has attempted to erect itself against YOU!  YOU WILL HAVE THE FINAL SAY!

From Seattle:  You gave me Hope who is now with You.  And from Hope, You gave me the sweetest pen-pal in the whole world.  My sister Darlene!  In her 80's and LOVES herself some Jesus!  We did a few years of BSF together, separate yet together.  I met her once and that was enough to connect our hearts forever!

From Michigan:  You gave me Carrie.  She travels the globe loving on women and not-yet believers for Your glory!  What a precious gift she is to me.  And, You gave me the Lee family, who are on full time ministry for Your Kingdom!  GOD, again, I say.... Thank YOU!

From Alabama:  (Formerly Charles County) You gifted me Nichole!  Once a young daughter of the King and now a mom and wife, fully trusting You and Your plans for her life, her family and their future!

From Capital Heights:  You gave me Kaha.  A former muslim with a soul on fire for the Kingdom of God and praying against the evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places!  Glory Hallelujah!

From Akron Ohio:  You gave me Leisa and Maxine....both divine appointments, You planned long ago.  Leisa from my Focus on The Family (on-line) mentoring ministry and Maxine, from the ACME grocery store!  GOD thank YOU for these two Jesus Loving, Prayer partners and followers of the Christ who died for our sins!

From Washington, DC:  You gave me Mother Williams.  Now about 96, I believe.  From my early days in law enforcement, she made a "drug complaint" through the dispatcher, and the rest is history!  SHE IS THE ONE I BELEIVED was praying for me, long before I ever had my personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ!

From Colorado:  You gave me a sweet young girl who has a heart for missions.  I love that in her youth, she already adores YOU, Your Word and Your Will.  Lord Jesus, You know the plans that You have for Christina and Andrew!  May it come to full completion!  Amen!

From Akron to Chicago:  You gave me Ebony!  I am so excited to see what it looks like to go from here and to trust You there.... 
Her by faith journey so reminds me of Abraham.  And, I know, just as You were with him, You are with her.  Order her steps, daily I pray and that she may listen to the Spirit's leading only!

From The Seed Company:  You gave me Marg and Rhonda!  Two more intercessors... joining one another in praying Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven and praying with great expectation to the ONLY One who can!!!

Thank You for Josh, Sam, Stan, Nathan and Andrew!

Thank You for Gloria Fuller, my sister since before my birth :-)

A special thank You for my many, many sisters in the faith.  The ways in which you have grouped us together is indeed purposeful and I am a testimony that Iron does sharpen iron:  
Michelle and Janell
Karen and Regenna
Jackie and Lisa
Missy, Lisa and Sheila
Anna, Susie and Judith
Denise and Caroline
Mary, Shirley, Gina, Kitten and Alice

Another special thank You for Aiesha and Karen S.

Another special, special THANK YOU for my Aunt Pearl that has given testimony to Your faithfulness in her life and that of her family!

And the various ones whom I am blessed to encourage and love on and call out to for prayer!  My Grace family is so ginormous and I am humble and grateful... and I say, THANK YOU because
"I am a companion of all those who fear, revere, and worship You, and of those who observe and give heed to Your precepts." Psalm 119:63

Thank You for all who have prayed for and are praying for my family and personal needs that I share when my heart is too heavy to carry them. "Carry one another's burdens and in this way you will fulfill the requirements of the law of Christ [that is, the law of Christian love]." Galatians 6:2 

THANK YOU FOR THE PROMISE that we can cast all of our cares on You and that You offer salvation to (anyone) who calls on the name of the Lord!

Thank You for being the lifter of my chin and the ONE who will right all these wrongs.

Thank You for keeping Your Word to hear me when I pray and to intercede when I don't...

All my love,
Your beloved daughter

Friday, June 12, 2020

The Air Right Now

Father the air is so thick... 

If anyone does not feel it than they are either in denial or haven't the house.  Many are heavy hearted, weeping, broken, shocked, disappointed, confused, in denial, ignoring it and yes, some even wanting it to be done with.

THANK YOU that it's over when You say it's over.  Thank YOU that all things are purposeful in Your Divine Will.  Thank You for the Corona virus, a sorrowful time for many and also a time for the living to reflect on this life, this world and what we are doing with this gift called life.

And I also say thank You for the protesting.  As I just heard someone say that what is occurring has been occurring for a long time, and social media is giving the blind eye clarity to see what was occurring before being able to video tape an access to police body cameras.

I deeply thank You that in so many ways You have healed me from past hurts and from the wrongs that broke my heart and my spirit.

I thank You that as heavy as this season of life is, You are working behind the scenes in ways that we cannot even imagine.  I also thank You for the positive things that have occurred as a result of George Floyd's death.

I thank You for all of the other cases that are being exposed and brought to the public's eye.  I thank You for the conversations that are taking place, the relationships that are be formed and strengthened.

I thank You for keeping my son, his brothers, my brother, my nephews, and my male cousins in Your care.  I have had the hard conversation with my son when I was in law enforcement.  I specifically said that whenever you are confronted with the police, obey and get all the names and badge numbers.  If you cannot remember that, get the cruiser number off of the police car.

I thank YOU for being the God of all comfort and continue to pray that the moms and those who have lost loved ones have a knowing that they can bring all this pain to You.  I can't imagine having my child die in the public spotlight and then having the video played again and again and again and again.  I cannot imagine the death, in most cases being dismissed and labeled, self defense.

God of all flesh, thank You for the laws that will take effect, the laws that are being considered and the old way of doing things being no longer acceptable.  We know that the hearts of many are angry and tired of this being on the news and wanting it all to "quiet down" and get back to life...but I pray that You will continue to work on those hearts.  Racism is evil and it is sin.  

I saw for the first time last night the story of Ruby not, so, so, wrong.  BUT it gave me hope because I know that You saw everything that happened and You know the truth.  The judge may have attempted to sentence her to death, but YOU intervened.


Lord, so many wait all their lives for justice and some get eaten up over the injustice and never live the full life You intended for them.  I can recall a news report a few years back where a man never got over being bullied, and fifty years later he decided to shoot the person who had bullied him fifty years prior.

GOD I in know way feel like anyone should get over "anything."  I hope and pray that anyone still in the "deepest pain" unable to see past it and some being paralyzed by it, I hope and pray that Your Holy Spirit will enter into that pain and point them to the ONE who can do something about it.

Oftentimes, because the flesh of man is weak and wicked, there are no changes and the cycle of abuse and misconduct repeats itself, but with GOD in whom all things are possible, YOU give us a peace that surpasses all human understanding.  When we know that there is a day of judgement and a time where all wrongs will be made right; regardless of race, education or wealth....


Lord Jesus, the air is thick, emotions are high, but Holy Spirit, please I pray, You can change the atmosphere and please, I pray, change us.  When You move, everything else can wait!

TRUTH and JUSTICE I PRAY!  But also, salvation for every living person who has yet to put their faith in Christ as Lord.

John 3:16-21
Romans 10:9-8
Acts 2:37-41
Acts 3:19

Sunday, May 31, 2020


I have a love/hate with social media.  It is an awesome tool used world wide to share the gospel and to reach the lost.  It is great for keeping in touch with loved ones, old friends and relevant issues.  And I enjoy having the freedom to share my life's journey with the ONE I call Lord.  I also love writing poetry, my heart's delight...and as I've gotten older, I'd rather type on my poetry blog than write on pieces of paper.

However, the freedom to post and share and like and comment...I hate when social media is used for evil.  I hate when free will is used to the extreme and I hate when others join in, instigate and unknowingly and oftentimes, purposefully influence others.  And I hate that when "something bad" happens, from that moment forward, it becomes memorialized as the anniversary of...

I know news is a must and is very informative, but I'm just being honest in saying that I hate this age of social media where everyone has a platform and NO filter. 

Father God, please put a guard on my mouth, help me to be quick to listen and slow to speak.  In the name of Jesus' I pray. Amen!

The Issue At Hand

My heart is heavy. My heart is hurting. My heart is #steadfastly trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ. What is occurring in America is sin. The bible clearly states that the heart of man (all men) is wicked, including the President.  NO ONE is exempt. "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; Who can know it?" Jeremiah 17:9

We have been conditioned by our upbringing, our environment, our perceived beliefs, feeling and emotions.  And we are still making choices based on that along with the influence our relationships, the media and the enemy of our souls.

We can even be decieved into thinking we are doing "good deeds" for the sake of others...
Again, the bible says, there's none good, not one! "As the Scriptures say, "No one is righteous--not even one." Romans 3:10

We want justice, rightfully so....yet Christ was crucified and NO ONE yelled, "Take Him down from there. He is innocent!"

The issue now, then and will always be the sins of the heart, not the occupation of the offender or the color of the skin.  They maybe contributing factors, but not the issue at hand. SIN is the problem!  The very reason LOVE hung on the Cross.

Yes. Martin Luther King Jr. preached profoundly about this very thing, yet Christ died for it.

Unfortunately, many are blinded by the god of this age says,  2 Corinthians 4:4
Sadly many claim to be Christians and are not.  Many have a false gospel and many have created their own gods.  
"For there is one God and one Mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus." 1 Timothy 2:5 (NIV)
"For, There is one God and one Mediator who can reconcile God and humanity--the man Christ Jesus." (NLT)

In this day and age, over 2,000 years later, the issue is still sin.  The book of Judges said, without a King, (everyone did what was right in their own eyes).  That alone should scare us.  But then again, everyone is not a bible believing, born again Christian and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.  So that statement does not scare people and therefore, they are walking in the ways of their flesh. The book of Galatians is a great read regarding our freedom and what we #choose to do with it...and 5:17 keeps me at the foot of the Cross needing Him more and more, with each passing day!

Wrong is wrong.  And what happened to Mr. Floyd was indeed wrong and cruel.  However, all the commandments are wrong.  And the greatest offense is the denial of the Lord Jesus Christ and the blasphemy that He is not God.  But God has a remedy for that in the end says, Philippians 2:10-11

In the meantime, true believers, keep sharing the gospel truth until eyes are opened and hearts are reached and salvation is received.  The Holy Spirit is NOT bound! The bible says that those who are (in Christ) not those who have heard or have knowledge of....but whoever is in Christ becomes a NEW Creation and old things pass away and BEHOLD all things become new. Read 2 Corinthians 5:17...

Prime example:  Before Jesus divinely interrupted my life, I'm sure, like so many, I hated the film Roots. I hated the acts of the lighter skinned person(s) who wrongly mistreated any color opposite theirs for no reason at all, simply because they (felt) superior.  I hated all films, ideas and media that showed the oppression, anger, violence and blatant murder of innocent #people of any color.

Then, for the first time with my born again Jesus eyes, I say the film Selma.  I had never, ever in my life felt such sorrow and such compassion for the "evil ones" portrayed in that movie.  They were in darkness and clearly showing me that that what's we do apart from Christ.  We are governed by our own minds and do as we will. ESPECIALLY if we feel wronged or justified!

The Bible says life lived in the Spirit is life and peace and life lived in the flesh is death.  People are dying all around us without a Savior.  Sin is normal, disguised, rapid and acceptable.  Sin is the issue at hand and the answer is Jesus Christ.  His blood cleanses us from all unrighteousness. (Read 1 John 1:9-10)

While we were still sinners (EVERYONE) Christ died for us, says Romans 5:8

There is a way that seems right to man, but in the end it leads to death, says Proverbs 14:12

Even if you think you are good and you have never done anything to hurt anyone, your good deeds mean nothing to God says, Isaiah 64:6, and will still lead to death.  It is 100% guaranteed that everyone will die.  Only God knows the date of that death.  However, where your soul spends eternity is completely up to you, by His Grace and His Mercy. John 3:16-21!

Pause: We sure do like the good stuff don't we?!  It seems in the millennium, every other person now knows John 3:16, but never read the verses following, and heartbreakingly true, many never get to the point of making a decision.  Reading about God, attending church, praying and doing lots of (good things) doesn't make you a Christian.  A Christian is a Christ Follower, a repenting of your sinful life, turning away and submitting and surrendering to the Lord Jesus: And He said that if you love Me, you obey Me...

My saying is still the same: Just because you don't believe it, does not make it untrue.
The gospel is an invitation to every race.  Regardless of status, education, financial status and degree of (sin). We were all born sinners (Read Genesis). And also be advised that there are no little sins or big sins.

Sin is simply missing the standard of living that God, the Creator who created You set for His people. And that is the deep rooted pain of this world.  The flesh does NOT want to be told what to do.  So instead of being guided and protected by the Father of heaven and live "inside His Divine order" we choose to go it alone and hope for the best....

Seriously open your eyes, look around and see where the best has gotten you.

If you have lived your life without HIM and "convinced" you're doing "just fine" great for you.  However, you can have a so-called beautiful, healthy and happy life and still end up in hell when it's over.  Read Revelation.

The bible says when YOU HEAR the call of SALVATION, do not harden your hearts...Read Hebrews.

May the Lord reach just one soul from this post.  Luke 15:10
If not, I'm praying for your soul. The bible says that we will be held accountable for what we knew.

Love in the precious name of Jesus!

If you are a beleiver, keep praying for the lost. We will not have a collective peace on earth that many hope for says Matthew 10:34.

So keeping praying for the lost and even when you feel like giving up: REMEMBER that Elijah was just a man.  God heard him and answered him!

To God be the glory for saving a wretch like me!
Glory Hallelujah!
Father I MAGNIFY Your Holy Name!!!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Right Now Culture

Father have mercy on us I pray. In this world there are so many things we want right now.

I totally get the unemployment, truly I do. Americans are suffering. However, people are arming themselves with weapons and demanding their freedom, right now. Hurting people and protesting right now. We want what we want and we want it right now. Crucify this flesh right now.

A part of our identity is being threatened right now. Before the virus, during the virus and after the virus, we will still be a “right now” culture. We have so much at our disposal and it’s being taken away right now.

Many of us have over extended our lifestyles and it’s hurting us right now. Our flesh wants a new house right now, a new job right now, a baby right now, a husband or a wife right now, a boyfriend or a girlfriend right now. We want our graduation right now, a college education right now, approved scholarship right now, a tax return right now, Amazon prime right now, a pay raise right now. Should I change jobs right now. Should I take some money from my 401(k) right now, should I retire right now, should I book my wedding venue right now, should I make this purchase right now, should I get divorced right now, should I make travel plans right now, should I attend church right now, should I read my Bible right now, I want to be happy right now,… Like CS Lewis said, the flesh is so easily pleased…

In this life, in the United States, the land of opportunity, where everything is accessible, should we have the latest technology right now, the newest cell phone, the best computer, the best camera, the best car, the most expensive house and all the gadgets, and all the material possessions we can stand?
Yes, we should we have those things right now! Is that what we’re really about?

All the pleasures I can stand. I can get high right now. I can have another drink right now. I can have sex right now...regardless of the consequences.

If only we could take the focus off of ourselves, and see what’s happening globally right now. People are being persecuted for their faith right now. People are being put in prison for their faith right now. People are being beheaded for their faith right now. People are being abandoned and ostracized for their faith right now. People are hiding in fear of their faith right now. People are dying of starvation right now. People are committing suicide right now. People are being raped right now. Children are being molested right now.

Hopelessness is the biggest burden right now. Africa is heavily populated with HIV right now. Orphans are everywhere. Third world countries do not have toilets, clean water, homes, education, churches, Bibles, proper sanitation, food, medical attention, or government officials who care about the people right now. Refugees have nowhere to lay their head, no address and no zip codes right now. Human trafficking is a big deal right now. Opioid addiction is a big deal right now. Pornography addiction is a big deal right now. Abortions are a big deal right now. Same sex attraction is a big deal right now. Gambling is a big deal right now. Obesity is a big deal right now. People are being so deceived right now.

Someone long ago “coined” The American Dream and we feel cheated if we don’t have it and aren’t working toward it. Matthew 6:33 is the Real American Dream. People are dying without a savior right now. BUT health and wealth and prosperity is the goal right now. Be happy right now is the goal. Sin is a big deal right now! Jesus is seeking to save that which was lost right now. Salvation is being offered right now.

Lord Jesus please save us from ourselves!
Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:21)

Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Heart of Man

It just baffles me the number of times where people who have never, ever read or studied the scriptures say, "The bible is written by man."

H-E-L-L-O.... Yes it is!  However, it is God breathed by the Power of the Holy Spirit and penned by the men God appointed.

Not just simple minded men, and not children of satan. Yes, if you are not a child of God, your father is the devil. The father of lies.  God said it, not me.

Pause:  Why is it that we can we say whatever we want out of our mouths and could care less who we offend, [espcially now in the age of #socialmedia], but when the God of the universe says it, PEOPLE get deeply OFFENDED?  The gospel should indeed be offensive.  How else would we see the error of our ways and repent of our sins?  How else would our souls be saved?

"God has breathed life into all Scripture.  It is useful for teaching us what is true.  It is useful for correcting our mistakes.  It is useful for making our lives whole again.  It is useful for training us to do what is right.  By using Scripture, the servant of God can be completely prepared to do every good thing." 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (TPT)

"You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires.  He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies."  John 8:44 (NIV)

Men are arming themselves with handguns because they want their states opened back up.  People are being shot dead because of the color of their skin, even after all this time.  We still have serial killers, pedophiles and child moletestors.  The opiodes are still being sold and prescribed as the death toll has never been so great. Human trafficking is off the charts and not being talked about on any media platform. And when the average heart is wronged, who doesn't want revenge? (Just to name a few of our wicked deeds...)

This from a recent film titled Trafficked, showing the reality of the crisis: "Over 1,000,000 in the US are victims and more than 100 billion being made in profits.  Surpassing Microsoft, Google, Nike, Starbucks and Intel #combined!"

And yet, before the Covid-19 interrupted our lives, the news of the day and has been for the past year has been over politics, abortions and LGBT.

We have almost any and everything our heart's desire here in the United States of America that it's sickening.  To me, anyway.  Our wealth and prosperity have become our idols.

Just look for a moment, outside your comfort zone, outside your community, and outside the safetynet of your alarm system and bank account.

There is some seriously scary stuff going on around us and some wicked and inhumane acts being carried out by man.  So, how could "man" possibly write the bible?

He did not.  The men of God penned the bible and I for one am so very beyond grateful.

After placing my faith and my life in the hands of Jesus Christ, my heart has been exposed to me time and time again, and it is ugly.  I still get down right angry at so much of the stuff that is occurring, near and far, and I can feel instant hatred when I see and hear of people being mistreated and oppressed.  And I can allow these feelings to burn in me without even having the "full story."

I cannot even begin to tell you how much RED BLOODED BOILING HATRED I feel when I hear about the persecution of my brothers and sisters in the faith.  Why are people being persecuted and beheaded because they have chosen to put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ?

(God has already answered that for me) John 3:16-19 "AMPC version!"

Dare to read Genesis and not be disgusted with the heart of man and then open your eyes to the overwhelming GRACE of God in spite of the hearts of men.

"The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked.  Who really knows how bad it is?"  (NLT)
"The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure.  Who can understand it?"  (NIV)

If a simple man or a group of mere men wrote the bible, why would they say these things about themselves and why would they condemn themselves to hell at the end of their lives?

"Everyone must die once, and after that be #judged by God." Hebrews 9:27 (GNB)

I for one, being a retired law enforcement officer, love, love, love "cop shows."  It still baffles me how Europe polices without handguns.

I am not obsessed with these television programs, I just #absolutely love seeing the justice at the end and the closure the victim's loved ones eventually receive when the cases are closed.  I still cannot imagine the grief and longsuffering of those who never get answers and try to move forward with that pain without God's help.

The worst case never solved, according to man. It was believed that after Jesus Christ was hated in the hearts of many men, wrongfully convicted and crucified, He was NOT resurrected but that His body was stolen from the grave...smh still...

On one hand, each and every time I read the #unlawful arrest and trial of my Lord, I still get mad at all those involved. Especially when Pilate had the ability to release Him.

Then, on the other hand, every single detail played out just as God planned it. If it were not for that injustice and brutality, I would still be dead in my transgressions and I would still be carrying the weight of my sins.  (Read Hebrews chapter 10)

No way man could have written that without the Divine Inspiration of the Holy Spirit!

And who is this Holy Spirit:  "And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, and Standby), that HE may remain with you forever--The Spirit of Truth, Whom the world cannot receive (welcome, take to its heart), because it does not see Him or know and recognize Him..." John 14:16-17 (AMPC)

Father God, I plead with YOU to keep showing me my heart. Keep convicting me of my sins and keep my in the center of Your will.  David said it so beautifully and I wholeheartedly agree:
"Have MERCY upon me, O God, according to Your steadfast love; according to the multitude of Your tender mercy and loving-kindness blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly [and repeatedly] from my iniquity and guilt and cleanse me and make me wholly pure from my sin! For I am conscious of my transgressions and I acknowledge them; my sin is ever before me. Against You, You only, have I sinned and done that which is evil in Your sight, so that You are justified in Your sentence and faultless in Your judgement. Behold, I was brought forth in [a state of] iniquity; my mother was sinful who conceived me [and I too am sinful]." Psalm 51:1-6 (AMPC)

Day after day, create in my a clean heart...
In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen!

Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Things We Accept

When we celebrate special occasions, we accept the gifts

When he proposes, we accept the engagement ring

When we are finally promoted, we accept the promotion

When we go to settlement, we accept the keys to the home

When we get to the twelfth year, we accept the diploma

When we get the approval, we accept the car payments

When we get the letter, we accept the scholarship

When we get the award, we accept the accolades

When we win the lottery, we accept the payment

When things go our way, we accept the "Life's good"

And, as a society, when we know it’s wrong, we often accept (it) anyway

These are just a few of the things we accept.  Of course the list is ongoing and some are indeed satisfying…NONE deserving, but yes, satisfying….

However, take some time to consider the very thing we reject…

While we were sinners, Christ died for us.  There was no way out.  Eternal hell is real and many (refuse to believe it).  Their mind and pride won't let them go there.  And yet, very few people read the book of Revelation.  How HE has been and is still being oh so merciful and at the very end, the flesh still rises against GOD and refuses to #repent!  The CREATOR gave us life.  We gladly accept the life and reject the GIVER of LIFE!

So refusing to believe in hell does not make it untrue or void because our flesh refuses to believe it to be true.  First of all, who is GOD that He has to explain Himself to man?  Read the story of Job, if you dare.

Secondly, at the end of our lives, we will #all see with great clarity, the reality of it come to pass.  The reality that we accepted all that this world had to offer, yet so many rejected the very ONE who promised eternal life.  We are so weak in the flesh and God knew this back then and knows it now.  We were and still are incapable of saving ourselves.  Therefore, in HIS great LOVE and because of HIS undeserved mercy and endless grace, He decided to do something about it.  John 3:16-18 is sadly #known by millions, yet still rejected.

#accept: consent to receive (a thing offered), believe or come to recognize (an option, explanations, etc) as valid or correct…to receive (something offered) willingly…

#reject: to refuse to accept, consider, submit to, take for some purpose, or use.  To refuse to hear, receive, or admit…to cast off.  Not wanted, unsatisfactory, or not fulfilling requirements.

For those who are frightened about the ongoing effects of this virus, it may be hard to reconcile, but this too shall pass.

Because this is a fallen and sin-stained world, there will be something else.  In the end, we are all going to die.  Young and old…men, women and children.  The wealthy and the impoverished.  Every race, every tribe, tongue and nation.

But those who accept His gift of salvation, will live on in eternity.  Believe it or not, it is true.  And you can wait up until your last breath or you can choose today.

The Word of God says, choose this day whom you will serve.  The Word of God says that when you hear the gospel of salvation, do not harden your hearts.  The Word of God says that once you know the truth, there’s a greater accountability to those who knew and did nothing with it.

Don't fear the COVID-19, fear this: Hebrews 9:27 and Matthew 10:28

There are many false gods and false religions and yes, even cults are still alive and active.  Again, you will be held accountable for the life you lived at the end of your journey and sadly, by then, it will have been too late.

There is ONE God and ONE Mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus.  1 Timothy 2:5

You can get stuck in all the unanswered questions, or by faith, you can just believe.

Read Mark 5: 36 and Hebrews 11:6  (AMPC)

May God bless you and those you love while there is still #time...

In Christ my Lord,

Monday, April 20, 2020

The Things We Love

I have such a passion for God's Word.  I cannot put into words how it feels to sit in my favorite chair, sun on my skin and God's Word on my lap.  I used to use the word passion in so many other areas of my life until I met the ONE who gives passion.

I have been writing ever since I was in the seventh grade.  I don't always keep up with my blogs, but as of late, I've been writing.  I want to blame Siri.  Lol...
As having the ability to talk through my phone helps to document my life's journey, I have become lazy with blogging and sometimes with journaling.  I do however, still keep prayer and gratitude journals.  When the Lord Jesus calls me home, my children are going to be surprised with the amount of journals I have acquired over the years.

Praise God that He gave me direct instructions to burn anything I'd written from my past and kept stored away.  He had saved me and it was time to truly soar!  I had tons of old diaries and I just didn't know what to do with them.  I didn't want them anymore but still was not ready to part with them.  There were some in the closet and more boxed under the bed.  One day He had me speak to the Youth Group at our church and He told me to bring some of my diaries and to read them aloud.  I was SO not ashamed because all that God does is to bring Him glory.  But, prior to my salvation, I wouldn't have wanted anyone to read them.  My life was a mess and I was looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places.  I was not a good mother and I was such a workaholic.

After speaking to the Youth, God said, "You can get rid of them now."

Don't you just love Holy Spirit convictions?  And don't you just love how He provides?

My friend, and sister in Christ, was staying at our friend's house until she could figure out where she would move next.  Lo' and behold, we had a bonfire and a burn-fire.  I loaded up all of my "yuckie past" and put them in the fire pit.  It was a double celebration.  Good bye shame and regrets and hello to my first and not my last yummy, messy smores!

We laughed like two teenagers and it was a night I'll never forget.  Mainly because when we were young, we were neighbors and didn't even know it.  It turned out that she and her sister knew my big sister.  However, I'd never met them back then.  I was so introverted, I was probably in the house writing in my diary.  As God would have it and like He said in Psalm 139, He has already planned all of our days.  Sweet Missy and I met in church and over time, we discovered we were once neighbors in New Carrolton, Maryland.  How cool is that!?  How cool is God?!

The one thing I love about my faith and this God I get to serve is when I look back over my life, I can clearly see His beautiful, compassionate hands all over it.  We would never, ever say it aloud, but we can love our sin(s).  While I was thoroughly enjoying my sin, He was relentlessly pursuing me.  How people can go all their lives and NOT #believe is beyond me.  It still makes my heart so very sad for the lost souls just existing and the hard hearts that choose to reject Him.  It makes me even sadder that so many think they are going to heaven.

Not to make you sad, it just came out as I was reflecting on His goodness in my life.

I started this post to celebrate the things I love and how life can oftentimes distract us/me.  Thanking Him for this season of life where I can hear and see things more clearly...

I absolutely love reading God's Word, helping and ministering to others and writing.  I hope to get back to writing.  God put another book in me back in 2016.  It was crystal clear; the title and the outline, though I have yet to begin writing it.  He's so patient with me.  That's the cool thing about writing...there's no time line when it's not your source of income and it's your book, your words and your story.  However, I pray that the next book will be all HIS-story all His glory.  And if I don't finish it, the Books of the Bible are more than sufficient!  :-)

I hope to occasionally update my blogs and to keep pointing people to the Savior.  There is no life, no reason to exist, and no eternal resting place for the soul without salvation.  Don't you wanna know Him?  Don't you want to explore truth?  I mean His truths?  No personal opinions, no false teachings, no feel good messages, and surely no cults, but the absolute TRUTH!  What if you get to the end of your life and discover that Jesus was the Son of God.  That He was God?!
Jesus says in the gospel of John that knowing the truth will set you free.  How incredible it would be to be loosed from every stronghold, every demonic influence and every lie you've ever believed.  How awesome would it be to be delivered from yourself?  The sad truth is that we are often the barrier that keeps us from being free, us and our sin.  And even sadder, we tend to hang out with people who won't point us to the truth.  The Holy Spirit is the only one who can truly do that.

My earnest plea is that if you are not sure about your final resting place that you would read the gospel of John.  Sincerely, not sarcastically, but sincerely seek Him, asking the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity to awaken you to the truth.  Step into an existing and oh so purpose filled life, let the chains fall off for good and begin living the life you were always created to live.  If you do.……..YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.  If you #choose not to, you will die the same.  Lost and bound in darkness.  We have to give a response for this Jesus who loved us unto death.

With love,

Saturday, April 11, 2020

A Silent Sorrowerful Saturday....

Over 2,000 years ago, that would have been the mood....
But NOT for us today, the #believers in the Lord Jesus!
Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU!

Lord, I worship You!
Lord, I exalt You!
Lord, You alone are worthy!

Thank You for Your Presence, Power, Promises, Provisions, Peace and Patience in my life.  If today, right now, You see it to call me home.....I say, "Glory Hallelujah!!!

YOU took away all of my fears and all of my idols!!!

Your beloved

Friday, April 10, 2020

YAY! It's Still Good News

I owe it all to the Cross...I have victory over this virus.  You took on ALL of my iniquities and transgressions.  You suffered in silence for Denise Michell Fuller.  Without the Cross there is NO resurrection and NO victory!  The great exchange was transforming me from being God's enemy to being His friend.  From sinner to saint.  From abandoned to adopted.  From forsaken to forgiven.  From lonely to loved.  From death to life.  ALL because You had compassion on mankind.

Father God I thank You for this incredible gift.  I pray today in the precious and matchless name of Jesus Christ that every veiled eye, every hard heart, every decieved mind, every clogged ear and every living soul who is doing this life apart from an intimate and personal relationship with Your Son, is overtaken by Your Holy Spirit and that today, it would be the day of salvation for them.

Your Word says in Genesis, in the beginning was GOD, NOT Science.  Your Word says in John chapter 1 that Jesus was the Word, is the Word and was always with YOU!

Your Word says in Ephesians that it is by Grace that we are saved, through faith in Your Son and not by works, that anyone should boast.  Your Word says in John chapter 14, that Jesus is the ONLY way, the truth and the life and that NO ONE can come to the Father except through Him.

Your Word says in Luke that many will believe that they are inheriting the kingdom and entering into the gates because of what they did and YOU will sadly say, "Depart from ME, I never knew you."

Your Word says that without faith it is impossible to please God and that we must first believe in Him and that He is a rewarder to those who earnestly seek Him.  Your Word says that "whosoever" calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.  If you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart, that Jesus is Lord, than you shall be saved.

Your Word says that Your SON will return for His Bride, the Church of Christ.  You go on to say that absent from the body is present with the Lord. And that perfect love cast out all fear.

YOU Are Love and in You there is no deceit.  YOU did not have to send Your One and Only Son to the Cross for me.  BUT while I was still in my sin, believing that I was good.....(Most of my life) Jesus had already died for me.  PRAISE GOD HALLELUJAH, You had pity on a wretch like me!

Lord Jesus, the death toll for this covid-virus is up to 97,237.  And we know that some of those people went to be with the Lord and some went to hell.  YOU alone write our names in the Lamb's Book of Life. The ending for the living is not yet the ending.  You did not send Your Son into the world to condemn but to save.  John 3:16-18.  The deliverance is NOT in the "social distancing" the "sheltering in place" nor the doctors, the ventilators or the vaccine.  THE CURE IS IN THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST!!!

Many are recovering and many will recover.  Glory goes to You GOD!  How sad to have recovered from one of the most catastrophic events of this time and then, still failing to trust Jesus as Savior for the salvation of their souls, and go to hell??!!
I fell asleep thinking about the conversation I had yesterday with a man named Kevin.  He is 53 and doesn't know the gospel truth.  I told him how I worked for Law Enforcement all that time without a Savior.  If I had been killed in the line of duty, prior to May of 2008, I would be in HELL RIGHT NOW!

How can I not preach the good news to this lost and dying world?  How can I keep quiet about the JESUS who offers eternal life.  Like Pastor Dario said today in his sermon message, "this virus is NO respecter of person"....and neither are YOU GOD!  Death is eminent for every human being.  There is a Heaven and a Hell and there is a God who will judge.  AND just because (you) do not believe in either, doesn't mean that it isn't TRUE!

Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit is NOT BOUND!  I pray Father God that YOU would again, have MERCY on this world and extend another invitation today to those who are under the influence of the evil one.

"For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, [headed for destruction] but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." 1 Corinthians 1:18

Thank YOU that on This GOOD NEWS FRIDAY, the gospel message is still good news.  AND Thank You so much for entrusting it to me.  I am having such a joyous adventure and You alone get all the Glory.  It is Your POWER working through me.  The POWER that Jesus promised when He ascended to heaven.  "But when HE, the Spirit of truth comes, HE will guide you into all the truth.  He will not speak on His own; He will speak only what He hears, and He will tell you what is yet to come. John 16:13..."And Jesus said, I have given all authority in heaven and on earth.  Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you.  And be sure of this:  I AM with you always, even to the end of age." Matthew 28:18-20

Abba Father I thank You that You desire obedience and not perfection.  Thank You that You embrace a contrite heart.  Thank You that nothing is dependent upon me but my faith in Jesus.

Help those who are walking in darkness to repent.  Lord, show them what that would look like, just as YOU did for me.  Make them new creations, just as You did for me.  Put a fire in their bones, just as You did for me.  Overwhelm them with love indescribable, just like You're doing with me.

So many are afraid.  I am not!  Like Paul, I know whom I have believed in and I am fully persuaded.

I love YOU SO MUCH and I cannot wait to see You face-to-face.  Oh and by the way....THANK YOU SO MUCH for yesterday's yummy truth from Jonah!  GOOOD are You Lord.  I'm so sad for those who don't know You.  SO Sad for those who do and don't enjoy Your Word.  SO Sad for those who do and still have not embraced Your love.  SO Sad for those who have not heard Your voice....and even sadder for those who think they are going to heaven and will not because they have been greatly deceived by satan.

In spite of my sadness and my heavy heart...I embrace the good news of the Cross and I embrace Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of my faith.  FATHER, I am only able to smile, rejoice, sing, dance, cook, eat, sleep, cry, pray, walk, witness, proclaim, testify, serve, encourage and love because YOU are mine and I am Your #beloved daughter.  NOTHING will every change that TRUTH! (Romans 8:31-39)

PLEASE GOD, I plead with YOU again, set the captives free in Christ Jesus name.  May today be a fresh anointing of Your Spirit and may Isaiah 61 be written in the skies for all to see and whispered in the ears of those who are without sight.


Eternally yours

Friday, February 21, 2020

Hello Beloved

If anyone happens to flutter by I just want you to know that you are deeply loved.  The Cross is proof that you matter to God.  So many are passing away and recently another passing led me here to check in.  My heart is grieved as I am almost certain that this person was not a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I know there are all kinds of religions "out there."  And I know that we have the freedom to believe "whatever" we choose.  This gift of free will is a blessing and a curse.  We see that by the choices we make, day after day.  However, that choice ultimately leads to two choices.  Heaven or hell.  Many have tried to disprove the gospel and as a result, came to the end of their search and to the foot of the Cross.  Many of you may know my testimony and many of you may not.

Religion was not discussed in my household.  We were a happy family for awhile.  Divorce came and rocked my world to the core in my youth.  I "felt" abandoned, lost, afraid and insecure.  That's how I lived as I entered into my adult life.  I made lots of mistakes and I lived mostly in survival mode.  And truth be told, I was the boldest girl-cop I knew.  I was seriously, "Wonder Woman" in my uniform.  Once I got off-duty, I was introverted, polite and going along to get along.  I never had a voice and felt that nothing about me mattered. I seriously looked for love and acceptance most of my life...leading up to May 4, 2008, when Jesus entered in...

I didn't believe in GOD nor did I disbelieve in God.  I just didn't know Him and surely had no clue that HE was interested in me and that His Son died for my sins.

Looking back, I did have a few conversations with "someone named god."  BUT in the big and real world, I did not know He was a person in the flesh named Jesus.  The Message version of the bible says that Jesus became flesh and moved in the neighborhood.  SO GLAD HE DID!!!

I am not going to post any scriptures about who He is and what He did for all of mankind.  I just decided to post today because I have been praying for the salvation of so many for years, and the list is growing as many are living a life apart from God and pretty content with not caring about the truth. I have also witnessed to countless people along this journey and their ears are closed to sin and Christ being the solution.  This world is consumed with self and the "here and now."  Materialism and endless distractions are right where satan wants you.  The bible calls him a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.  The bible says that the "thief" the one that wants your soul, has come to kill, steal and destroy...But the Lord Jesus has come to give you life and to the full....not just this life, but eternal life after you leave this earth.  The bible says that this world is blinded by the god of this world.  How sad to be decieved all your life by the devil, never knowing there was a way out?!

I didn't know the Lord and no one in my circle of love told me about Him, but once I heard the gospel, I did not reject it.  I chose by faith to believe.  And WOW..... absolutely life transforming.  The lights literally came on and after grieving over my sins, I rejoiced in the forgiving and cleansing blood of Jesus!

If you or someone you know are just wandering through life, if you are doing life on your own, if you think life's good, if you're hurting, if you're depressed, struggling with anxiety or have even thought about suicide (pause, I did twice in my life) … if life is just plain hard, if you don't have the answers and no one around you understands.....  PLEASE, please, please, reach out to God.  He is not interested in your pretend self. He is interested in you!  He is not waiting for you to get yourself together.  He loves you, unconditionally.... Yes, you, just as you are and right where you are.

I was the woman at the well in John chapter 4 and He turned me into the grateful woman in Luke chapter 7.

Please read either the Gospel of John or the book of Romans, asking God to speak to you.  He will do it.  He DELIGHTS in those seeking Him for truth.  He wants no one to past from this life to the next without knowing the whole truth.  I was afraid of death.  Yes, I was a law enforcement officer in the Nation's Capitol afraid of dying.  Not the passing of life, but the fear of not knowing what that really meant and the leaving my children behind.

GOD answers all the questions.  AND the ones that He chooses not to answer, the more and more you seek HIM, the unanswered ones become not as important as the desire to see souls saved from hell.

I pray with my whole heart that you will seek the truth.  Like John says, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.  I pray with my whole heart that you decide soon.  Tomorrow is not promised and we don't like to talk about it, but dead is dead.  Hell is real and death is eminent for everyone.  You cannot get away with living the best life "you so desire" and then stand on the day of judgement and tell God that you were "going to seek Him."  You cannot stand before God on the day of judgement with "your excuse" and you cannot stand before GOD "expecting to walk into" the gates of heaven when you wanted nothing to do with Him here on earth.

What if the Resurrected Christ is real?

What if you die today?

What if your "religious" beliefs are wrong?

Just because people choose not to acknowledge God does not mean He's not God.  Jesus Christ is a relational God and wants a personal and intimate one with you.

It's a simple as getting a speeding ticket in the mail.  You can ignore it and choose not to pay it but it doesn't mean that there are no consequences.

You commit a crime and you have to pay the penalty.
We've sinned against GOD.  WE #all have, and Sweet Jesus paid the penalty!

Seek the God of the bible and then decide for yourself if JESUS is worth pursuing.  Your life depends on it!

Love always,

Just thought of this:  Many know the Lord's prayer and Psalms 23 verbatim.  He is not your Father and He is not your Shepherd if you have not confessed your sins, repented (turning away from your old life) and received Christ as Lord over your new life.  

Many churches are collectively saying the Lord's prayer and many funerals are reciting Psalms 23, but God does not hear the voice of the sinner unless he/she is seeking forgiveness of sins and desiring to enter into a relationship with Jesus.  Admitting that His blood covered your sins gives you the right to speak directly to God. Then He is the Shepherd who has promised to care for His flock and the Abba Father who will never leave you nor forsake you.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Building Momentum

What a week!  What a GOD!  #Repeat - What a God! I have never had such fun and enjoyed so many "teenagers" at once!  If you know anything about my journey...I came to faith ten years ago, so there was no children's church, youth group or camp.  Just look at God, giving me a chance to #experience what I missed all those years...way back there!  I had the sweetest and most humbling privilege to chaperone our youth at this year's Momentum Conference in Marion, Indiana.  GOD was there and wow!  If you've never been, go to their web page and see what you missed, yes...even #grownfolks.  Although the week is a conference for our youth, if you are in Christ....#pause---even if you are not in Christ, there is still something to be learned, gained, renewed and delivered from!  What a God!!
And if you don't know, if you've never tried it and if you've ever had any doubt...#PrayerWorks!  In the precious and matchless name of Jesus Christ, prayer works!  I saw it with my own two eyeballs! To God be the glory!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017