Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Am I the only one?

I keep having this recurring dream that I'm hosting a blog-family cook-out; my baked beans are a hit and everybody wants my recipe. We're all laughing, exchanging stories, sharing family photos and having a blast. Everyone is smiling and wearing a name tag with their blog titles on them and the whether is perfect. It's as if we're having our annual picnic and each year it gets bigger and bigger. I start laughing saying how I'm not hosting it next year because with my OCD, I'm running around cleaning up after everybody. (lol) Then I wake up and there's no one there but me and Max. No grilling and no music; just my usual bowl of Special K (smile)


Standing Able said...

Come on Sis...you know we can do this! You will never be alone...you're stuck with us NOW!

*hey, do I smell the grill!*
Love Ya,

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Love you back and then some!

SLC said...

No it's not just you. You and Stacye and a few more came down to Richmond and I was chillin and grillin.

Echoing Stacye. You're stuck with us.

I love y'all.

PAK ART said...

Isn't it amazing that just blogging back and forth can make friends? I'll come to your dream picnic with all your other blogger friends and you won't be alone.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

SLC - make mine a turkey burger. I'm not big on beef (lol) and lots of garlic!

PAK ART - Bring me a little piece of Alaska with you and your dogs to play with Max, he'll have a ball!

crochet lady said...

A blog picnic? I'm in. I'll bring some of my special potato salad and some cheese curds from the dairy state.

Shaz said...

YAY!! I get to come to a blog family picnic. Such a great idea and just in time for this weekends warm weather. You're stuck with us.

Stacye - I'm sitting next to you, so I can be close to you when you start to recite one of your fab poems.

SLC - Smells good over there! I'll take my turkey burger with little spicy mustard and lot of pickles. :)

PAK ART - Look forward to hearing all about Alaska.

Crochet Lady - I'll only take a spoonful of potato salad, I'm trying to cut back on the carbs. :)

Keith said...

That's a good dream...I'm getting hungry thinking about it.lolololol!

crochet lady said...

Read your poems and prose blog. Very nice, love your thoughts!
How do you keep up with four blogs?

I have thought about doing a different one for writing but am not sure.

Joyfulsister said...

Hey Sis,
LOL Wow please tell me I was there !!! I luv me some baked means and grilling (smiles). Oh and I can relate with the OCD and Special K.. hee hee .

Luv ya Lorie