Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TOO Incredible Not To Share!

Hey Family and Friends :-)

I have to share this journey that I've been on. It began with a conversation on Valentine's Day. My sweet sister in Christ, Missy, wanted me to join her on a juice fast. I could not get past the fact that we were not going to be #chewing! It completely baffled my mind. All the things that I loved to eat were floating around in my head. Specifically, the pizza that we'd just indulged in from our Single Sister's Pizza Party! Not to mention the yummy yogurt treats and the cupcakes that were made with such love!

She wanted an accountability partner and thought that I would be just the one to keep her motivated. I had to be honest and say that I was not in agreement. I told her that I would have to pray about it and that I could not promise her anything.

Well, the next day, she invited me over to her house to watch a movie. "Sick Fat and Nearly Dead", by Joe Cross. All I have to say is "WOW!" Not even half way through, I was in.

We started a juice fast on March 1, 2014, and plan to go for 50 days. And I must tell you that the weight loss was a given, but the added #bonus is the fact that I feel incredible. The renewed energy and the intense clarity that you gain from eating only plant based food is truly the secret to a healthier you. It still blows my mind to think that this was all it took to get me to see that my body is very important to God and should be just as important to me. AND, not for vanity sake, but because it carries and sustains me day after day-and has since 1964.

I so love my new outlook on being healthy. It's my new #passion! I never wanted to be skinny or a size 6. I just wanted to the best version of me! I'm so there and it feels #amazing!

YOU owe it to yourselves to reevaluate your eating habits and to experience the best nutrients possible for sustaining your life. So many are simply amazed at how my body has transformed and have joined in. Even my dad, who will be 73 this June.

I don't know anyone who is willing to go the full 50 days. However, many are inspired and wanting to try it just to get the taste and feel of #something new and improved. We desperately need something different from the typical food that we've been unconsciously digesting, just because it's quick and just because it's easy.

And remember, it has to be 100% juice. (So you're going to need a #juicing machine). No smoothies and no chewing! Only if you want the best results. You can do 3-5 days. Some do 10 and some go longer. It's completely up to you and #trust me, you will not regret it. So far I've lost 19 pounds. #Warning, you will experience headaches in the first couple of days because your body will begin the detox process.  And yes, you will gain some of the weight back overtime, but the overall goal is to reboot your brain to crave healthy food and make solid nutritious decisions. Our society lives to eat and we are supposed to eat to live!

(SUPER, super BONUS...many studies have shown that it reduces your risk of getting cancer, diabetes, and various other diseases.) Now who wouldn't want that?!

Just a peak: I'm loving how my fridge looks like the produce section at the super market! So cool to me! Day #32 YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 18 more to go! And with Christ, I can and will reach my goal!

A very special #thank you to Missy who blessed me with a gift that I deeply wanted but did not know. What an amazing and priceless #early 50th Birthday gift to me!

AND A HUGE THANK YOU TO GOD!  It has been expensive but it has been the best money I ever spent and Glory to God for making continual provisions for my life!  If I was not in prayer and writing in my juice journal daily, I don't think I would have the success that I have now. He so delights in me!

#Daniel 1:12 "Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing be vegetables to eat and water to drink."


Don said...

Juicing for 50 days? Wow. You have my respect, cause I'm not sure if I could go that long. But seeing you well on your way to completing fifty days shows me that you are definitely a dedicated human being. I like your refrigerator, too. Looks really healthy. No wonder you're always glowing in the face.

Good stuff, FSB.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hey there #1Knicks Fan. The #glow is the Holy Spirit. Anything else is indeed a bonus!

I love the fridge too. So cool to open it and see His daily provisions. It is surely costly to live healthy :-)

He has indeed shown me that I can be disciplined in this area of my life and that leads to feel the victory in many other areas as well.

WE can DO #all things through Him who gives us STRENGTH!

Love for a great day!

Don said...

I might no longer be the number 1 Knicks fan. It's hard being a Knicks fan, these days. Lol. I like how you put this: He has shown me self-discipline which results in victory in many other areas.

I need to get with this program ASAP.

Love the reply, FSB.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Thanks Don!
Day #40!

Countdown to my warm bowl of rice. Lol


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