Wednesday, April 9, 2014


What Are You Currently Facing?
If the answer is nothing...then save this in your file for future reference.

1809 Born February 12

1816 Abraham Lincoln's family was forced out of their home and he needed to work to support his family.

1828 His sister dies

1831 A business venture failed

1832 He ran for the State Legislature. He lost.

1832 In the same year, he also lost his job. He decided he wanted to go to law school but couldn't get in.

1833 He borrowed money from a friend to start a business. By the end of the year, he was bankrupt.

1834 He ran for the State Legislature again. This time he won.

1835 The year was looking better as he was engaged to be married. Unfortunately, his fiancee died and he was grief stricken.

1836 This was the year he had a total nervous breakdown and for 6 months was bedridden.

1836 He sought to become Speaker of the State Legislature. He was defeated.

1840 He sought to become Elector. He was defeated.

1842 Marries Mary Todd. They have 4 boys but only one would live to maturity.

1843 He ran for Congress. He lost.

1846 He ran for Congress again. He won and moved to Washington.

1848 He ran for re-election to Congress. He lost.

1849 He sought the job of Land Officer in his home state. He didn't get the job.

1850 His son, Edward, dies.

1854 He ran for the Senate of the United states. He lost.

1856 He sought the Vice Presidential nomination at a national convention. He got less than 100 votes.

1858 He ran for the Senate again. He lost again.

And in...

1860 Abraham Lincoln is elected President of the United States

Persistence. Determination. A willingness to face defeat after defeat after defeat... if it meant that one day he could achieve his goal.

Are you struggling to hold keep it together?

Lincoln's guide to perseverance...

Never.. ever.. Ever.. EVER give up.

If you refuse to give up, you're *guaranteed* to succeed.

#LOVE for a great day!


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I agree - no one should ever just give up. Keep pushing, keep it moving, and who knows what tomorrow and hard work brings?