Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Grateful Heart

My Lord,

Thank you for loving me and my family!

Thank you that my daughter's heart longs to serve you. Father, please guide her in the direction that you want her to go and keep the evil one clear of her path.

(Pause) Salvation for J. T.)

Thank you for yesterday's #bliss. I was relaxing, packing and watching a great movie in the den while packing up my books. Truly #insane! (11 boxes of books) Thank you!

My #50 day juice fast is over! Thank you for the new body, renewed energy and freedom that I feel in making healthier food choices! #VICTORY!!!!! "Thank YOU!

I had a yummy salad. So simple and so good! Thank you for seconds. Simply fresh tuna, lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Yes, I can eat a salad w/o croutons and cheese. Thank you!

Listened to the waves without leaving the house. Thank you!

My mom and dad texted me yesterday! THANK YOU!

I love you. Thank you!

Got a card in the mail from Jackie #2, Darlene and Dixie. Thank you!

I feel so safe in North Beach. Thank you!

I'm #surrounded by your presence! THANK YOU!

Eternally yours


Don said...

Congrats on completing the juice fast, FSB. Your conviction is admired and I can imagine how joyful your daughter's decision has made you. I cannot wait until Friday to enjoy a super duper salad, myself.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...



Love that word #super!