Wednesday, June 12, 2013


There are just so many reasons why I love God and why my joy is complete in him. He was with me even when I didn’t know him and even when I didn’t acknowledge him. In my opinion, my life was similar to that of Cornelius. Until the Lord directed Peter to go and see Cornelius, he (Cornelius) had no idea that all his good works were in vain. He loved God and he did what he could to help others, but he did not know about Jesus. Once Peter arrived and gave him the good news, his life and the life of his family began to prosper in ways unimaginable. (Acts chapter 10)

I cannot tell you how difficult my “struggles” were since my parents’ divorce and I cannot pinpoint the “moment” when I realized that my stepdad was not my birth father. I can only tell you that once I discovered in my heart that my “father” was out there somewhere, I began to hope. And somehow, in that hope, I felt that I had a brother. But a small part of me always had this notion that when I came to meet my Fuller family, people would continuously hug me and say, “You look just like your dad. He was a good man.”

How awesome is my God that after 43 years of quiet longings, my dad was alive, well and living in Ohio? Not only that, my little brother (5 years younger) was also an hour away from our father. I met my birth father in 2003 and my life has been one amazing journey ever since. It’s all GOD’s amazing grace!!!!

That is exactly why Jeremiah 29:11-14 is one of my all-time favorite scripture verses. God had a hope and a future set aside specifically for me that I never knew, dreamt or imagined. He was and is always behind the scenes preparing things for his children and all that he asks is that we acknowledge and submit to him. He ask that we love him and place him first in our lives, that we would trust that his will is so much better for us than anything we could do in our own strength and that we would willingly desire to spend eternity with him.

Lord, I wholeheartedly accept your invitation to be my first love and to spend eternity in your Kingdom. And by the way, “Happy early Father’s Day to you, My Lord and My Savior.”

With that being said, I am headed to Ohio to spend some quality time with my dad. I must say that although God is my first love…my son and my dad is tied for #2. Max was and will always be my #3.

This is my brother Farron.  He won't admit it, but he is SO jealous of me. Lol

Farron, My sister Kendra, My dad and Me :-)


Moanerplicity said...

I loved this entry. It says so much about Faith, Hope & the Grace that comes when lives & remains inside of their Faithfulness.

Your family is beautiful. YOU are Beautiful.

In the sweet & precious time you spend together just make sure to: snatch JOY!

One Love.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Happy Wednesday and thank you for stopping by. Got your book yesterday and was deep into the pages until my cell rang...hate when that happens. Those things are a blessing and a curse. Lol

I love my Ohio Family. The whole story resembles The Antwan Fisher Movie. (At least to me)

I have four sisters here and we are all so unique and talented. You cannot pick your family but knowing what I know now...I would have picked every single one of them to include my two children, my two gran-girls, my mom and my stepdad. But my heart of hearts was indeed my "sweet grandma."

Thank you for saying that I am beautiful. Years ago, I would have dismissed that compliment...but the woman I am today - "she wholeheartedly agrees." Lol

Love for a great day!

and the JOY...
nothing but - when I'm in the company of my dad :-)

A Lady's Life said...

Don't you all look so happy. What a nice post!!!
You look great butterfly!
I'd never say you were a Mom with grown children.

Don said...

What a wonderful post, I enjoyed the read and sentiments expressed. I can imagine the joy of meeting your biological father and brother after years of not knowing. Ten years later, that family vibe still grows strong. Beautiful.

Max will never be forgotten, I see. Good stuff.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hello Blog family!
Thank you for the love :-)

* My Lady, thank you for the compliment. That photo was about 6years ago, but we still look good together. Lol

* Don, thanks for the visit. You are so right, Max is forever apart of my heart. His love was truly unconditional!