Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nothing But Love

I'm having a really great time with my dad.  It's Father's Day weekend and it is surely not about me.  At least not until I get back home. Lol
I was super excited to see my dad because he always calls me "sweetheart."  And the first thing that he said after my 7 hour drive (while grinning from ear to ear) was, "Look at all that hair!"  That was super funny to me.

Anyway, aside from ALL the food, the continuous channel surfing and the volume being really, really loud, we are truly two peas in a pod.  He copies off of everything I like and everything that I say.  Of course, he'd deny it completely. It's so strange not to have grown up with him and have so many things in common.  We don't even like the cream in Oreo cookies.  How silly is that? Lol

I have been trying to treat him to breakfast, lunch or dinner since I arrived.  It's supposed to be my Father's Day gift to him and he just will not have it. It's the only vacation that I get to take where my checking account balance remains the same the entire time that I'm gone. He insist on paying each and every time we leave the house.  We even got pedicures this afternoon and I had to sneak and tip the employee. Lol

Now, we are waiting for our Father's Day dinner to get done.  I wanted to treat him to a steak dinner and somehow, we changed our minds and are having hot dogs, Bush's baked beans (the best), buttered biscuits and wine.  We're just as content with that choice.  I think it's mainly because we love each other and not only that, we are perfectly content with the simple life. 

Who needs a "boyfriend" when your dad and your son just absolutely love you to pieces?

Yeah, I know I've said that before and it's a joke.  But I'm going keep saying it until a guy comes along and makes me feel just as special as my dad and my son does.  They know all of my likes, dislikes, moods and quiet moments.  I love being with "someone" and being quiet is okay with him.  Seriously, sometimes, talking is overrated. :-)

In the midst of our quality time, he has got me hooked on The Swamp People.  It's completely insane and something I would not normally watch on my own.  The show is about people who catch alligators and have only 30 days to catch as many as they can.  It is so intense, I don't think I breathe until the show goes off.  They have a woman on their named Liz, and she rocks.
(Most women do!)

Well, I just wanted to put something on the blog so that I could have the memory of me and my dad having a great time.  Nothing but LOVE!

Happy Father's day to all the fathers, dads, role models, and men who wholeheartedly invest in the lives of "our future."  Being apart of some one's life is something that we oftentimes take for granted. If we would give more time and attention to our "youth" I believe that there would be far less adults walking around with childhood wounds.

Love for a great weekend,
China Doll


Moanerplicity said...

Sounds like a simple, peaceful slice of family Heaven.

I think being absolutely silent in another person's company & not feeling the urge, pressure or need to speak is the best. It is the ultimate litmus test of how well you fit into each others space.

Bush's Baked Beans rule! Try them w/ maple syrup & cinnamon boiled together or about two mins... then stir in the beans & cook very sloooowly for about 20 mins. DELICIOUS!

SJ (!) & Happy Father's Day to Your Dad!


A Lady's Life said...

Wow! You certainly had a great day with your Dad. He is so lucky to have you in his life. I am glad it all worked out for you.
I just wanted to tell you before I forget. So many buterflies around my place this year and they want to fly into the house. When I see them I think of you.:)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hey Lin,
Going to try that "mix" when I get home.

So in agreement with "your litmus test."

Thanks for the greetings sent to my dad.

Have a happy day and continued congrats on your book :-)

Love and peace
China Doll

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hi My Lady,

I count them and yesterday while we were out, I saw 51 butterflies. Seriously, they were everywhere and the weather was so perfect.

I too am so blessed to have him. His presence helped me to see myself in a different light and to accept a lot of things that I couldn't really explain (if you get what I'm saying...)

Love you and love that butterflies remind you of me :-)

LOVE ya!!!!!

Nicole said...

I feel like I read so many unhappy stories and memories of fathers this Father's Day so thanks for sharing your positive Father's Day time with your father.

I didn't grow up in a two-parent household but my dad is still a great dad and it's nice to know that there are other great dads out there too.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hi Nichole,

Thanks for your visit. My life was half dad, half without.

I don't remember my stepdad talking much. He was always working to provide for me and my 4 sisters. I loved when he'd come home in his uniform :-)

I still see him today. I still love him and I still want him to be happy. I have two dads and I am very blessed!

Have an awesome day!