Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yes, You Too...

Today's sermon was about King David.  I love his story, his testimony, his open relationship with the Lord and his many, many Psalms to His Father.  He truly wrote from his heart. Good or bad, he left nothing out.  He loved God and was greatly grieved after coming to the realization that he had sinned against Him.

King David tried to cover up his sins.  Initially, he felt that he had no one to be accountable to.  After Nathan helped him to see the depth of what he'd done and who it was against...(all sin is against God) King David took full responsibility, made repentants and sought forgiveness from the Lord.  God judged him, forgave him and yes, He had him pay the due consequences.  And in the end, God restored King David.  He never stopped "loving" him and he never took away his position.  He wanted King David to know that HE was the Lord God and that there were penalties to pay when you SINNED against Him.

God gave King David everything he needed and yet, that was not enough for him.  Like King David, we do not see that what we "have" is all we "need."  Our flesh wants more and more and more...and then, oftentimes, after the fact, we realize that we have fallen into sin.  PRAISE the LORD that with Him, there is forgiveness.  King David wrote Psalm 32 and 51 when he was in great distress over his actions and behavior.

The Lord heard his cries and delivered him from his shame and pain.  If the Father of Heaven and Earth can forgive King David...the adulterer and murderer, and restore his good name and continue with the plans that would make him a great king...surely He can do something with your sinful life.

Eventually, the Spirit will convict you and your sin(s) will be found out.  Undoubtledly, we are all sinners. We may not see our sins as big and as bold as King David, but big or little, in God's eye, a sin is a sin. Yes, He will forgive the "size and the amount" but only if you call on Him with a heart of ownership and repentance.  He is just and mighty to save those who belong to Him.  I'm proof of that.



Moanerplicity said...

"What we have is all we "need." So true... & yet this realization often escapes most of us.

I have lived most of adulthood having endured, w/ a LOT of sacrifices. Yet I can not claim to have been unhappy, depressed or deficient in any way that matters.

Maybe that is one of the Greatest Lessons we can take from life: that, w/ God's Grace, even less can be MORE!



A Lady's Life said...

This was a great post Butterfly.
I love stories from the Bible.
Tomorrow I will put a blog up about gov't fearing the 10 commandments.
It needs to be said so I will say it.
We are all sinners but if we waant to be free, we always had the guidance right there in front of us.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Lin, very profound, having never been unhappy, depresseed or deficient ... That's what I love about His Grace. It's been there all along.

Sad face that I didnt know "it" back then.

Now, all I do is bask in it. It's truly the only reason my why smile extends from ear to ear :-)

Love and peace and endless joy!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Thank you My Lady,

I love the stories too. I love it when they are representative to my life and something I have experienced or in the current process of experiencing.

I especially love how God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. My life has certainly changed along with my many relationships (friends & family). However, God is unchanging and a ROCK in my life.

In spite of my day to day sins, His grace upholds me, and with each new day, "together" we begin again. One of the many reasons why I LOVE mornings.

Love YOU!
See ya tomorrow :-)