Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Is She Strange?

in the spring she makes her appearance by
bursting through like a flower in bloom
excited about her singleness and
anticipating the endless possibilities

in the summer months she is completely unavailable
and nowhere to be found
you simply cannot catch her as she is
tracking the monarch and seeking the blue morpho

free spirited as she flutters in the sun
not wanting to be attached to the male species
in any way, shape or fashion…she refuses to settle

in the fall she is not against having a male
friend, but nothing too serious
as she begins to hibernate

in the winter she finds herself both content with self
and longing ... longing for his companionship

it’s cold and dark and making hot chocolate for one
seems so unnatural


Moanerplicity said...

Ahh yes. Not so 'strange' at all. After reading this poem, I now understand, perhaps even OVERSTAND why you relate so much to the loveliness of butterflies.

This a word: BRILLIANT!



A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hey there my friend,
It's strange to me that the more and more I write on my own blog, the more and more I discover about myself. It's probably because I've been writing in a diary...

Pause: It is exactly 1515 hrs and I'm at the park. Seriously, a butterfly just flew by. So serendipity!!!! So smiling :-)

As I was saying, I've been wiring about myself and my feelings for so long and pleased to see that I am still learning, growing and finally, open to expressing my authentic self.

You're right, it's not strange at all. At this season in my life, emphasis on "my"'s exactly how I feel.

Thank YOU for going to cancel my appt with my therapist :-)

Love, peace and unending JOY!

1420 hrs...another butterfly...

Okay, I'm going to flutter along and see what the remainder of this beautiful and sunny day has in store for the Monarch :-)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...
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Moanerplicity said...

While you're experiencing the lovely flutter dance of butterflies in your vicinity, I'm dealing w/ the sudden invasion of these ill-flying insects that resemble termites! EGAD! I hope they JUST resemble them!

Anyway... writing can so often serve as a catharsis, an emotional buffer & a strangely insightful mirror into which we can see our selves so much clearer.

It is for these reasons (
& a few others)that I have remained faithful to this particular discipline for so long.

It keeps me sane, out of trouble... just as it keeps the world in perspective & me free from prison walls.

I kid, of course. But not too much.

Keep writing! Keep fighting!



A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Love that and agree...
"it keeps me sane and out of trouble..."

Don't know what I would have done or become had I not penned ALL of those emotions over a span of 20 plus years. WOW!!!


On another note: will pray about those "bugs." and that it's not what you think. He answers "them" big & small...

I have some little visitors as well, but I've learned that it comes with living on the beach. :-(

They resemble gnats or noseeums ... either way, I'm stayging. Lol

Have a blessed weekend!

A Lady's Life said...

Wow nice poem Butterfly Love it. :)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Thank you my lady...
It was inspired by the change of seasons...

Once Spring had sprung...I felt rejuvenated and uninhibited...ready to flutter into new possibilities :-)

Love you!

Moanerplicity said...

That's why I truly consider writing, & the sheer ability to vent & write one's emotions down as one of The Creator's Greatest Gifts.

IF He had not bestowed me w/ this beauteous & cleansing outlet, I shudder to think what would become of me. One thing is for certain: I would be a very angry, aggressively disturbed hellion & a most dangerously UNLIKABLE person. Trust those are the kinder words for what I'd be. So w/ that GIFT, I can express the deep & internal stuff without it bubbling over & becoming some RAGING exterior madness.

Methinks the writer in YOU completely understands what I mean.



A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I wholeheartedly agree...One of the best gifts He's given me.

My writing is nothing like the Psalms...but what I love is the fact that many of the Psalmist...specifically King David was never ashamed to pen his emotions. His pen was his refuge.

I think that's one of the reasons I write what's on my heart...the pen is and has always been my closet friend. At least, until my Savior rescued me :-)

Have a JOY-filled week ahead.