Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spiritual Nourishment

An excerpt from the book, Mended, by Angie Smith: “God grants Lot permission to go to the nearby town instead of the mountains, telling them to hurry. As they do, Lot’s wife makes a critical mistake. She looks back.

She has been rescued from death, from sin and depravity, and there is something that still haunts her enough to stop her from moving toward whatever is ahead. Was she reflecting on the life she wanted to keep living?”

God said not to look back. She did and she died. God turned her into a pillar of salt.

Angie Smith said, "If there was a season of sin in your past that you remember with any fondness, you can be sure Satan wants to keep it dressed up in its fancy clothes."

The EVIL one gets such delight when we follow him and not the will of the Father.

* A verse to hide in your heart beloved friends: Philippians 3:12-14.

Focus on the future and the Father. He will never steer you in the wrong direction.

Sent w/love
free spirit butterfly


WynnSong said...

Great advice and wisdom. I know too many times I've looked back and sometimes it really, really takes an effort to keep my eyes focused on God's prize and direction.
Thanks again for the encouragement....

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

You are not alone my friend. I think the key is looking back and realizing how far we've grown and how much grace He has bestowed upon us. I always say that "people" who care about us do have GOOD intentions. But the Father has the BEST intentions.

As long as we don't LONG to go back "there," we will not repeat the devasting mistake that Lot's wife made.

Let's keep our eyes on the prize :-)

With love and prayers

Moanerplicity said...

Cello Ms. China *smiles*:

Thank you for this entry. It's quite an effective & yes, crucial read.

It's so hard (impossible for some of us) to NOT look back. It's not always necessarily with fondness or Technicolor romanticism, or to the sins of our past, but to the darkness, the heartache, to the lessons buried back there which help to inform us in the present & perhaps the future.

However, it is wiser, more spirit-enhancing to look ahead to the path before us, & not go back. It makes more sense to be present within THE PRESENT & not be distracted by yesterday.

Yesterday is behind us. Today is before us. And tomorrow remains very much a mystery.



A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning and Yes...

Wholeheartedly in agreement with your statement:

"Yesterday is behind us. Today is before us. And tomorrow remains very much a mystery."

I wrote the below Haiku once and in that "moment" was exactly how I felt...

Yestermorning ~
The morning of yesterday
I want to go back there

* So not her anymore and so do NOT want to go back there. That season of my life has surely past and I'm so thankful that the mind is focused on today! I have no idea what it holds for me, but SUPER excited to see what will unfold!

Super, super excited about tomorrow. Lord willing!!!!


Love, peace and blessings

Don said...

The story of Lot's Wife had always been one of the more intriguing biblical reads for myself.

I can't help but notice how you've consistently spoken about not looking back, as of late. Staying focused is the underlying message, I see.

Remember Lot's Wife:

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Staying focused indeed!

Each day brings with it "new grace" and I want to embrace it with the fullness that He presents it.

Staying "back there" will only hinder my growth and may even cause me to miss SOMETHING amazing right before me.

Love for a great day!