Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Butterfly Journey

* Our Similarites

her veins are similar to my scars
visible and permanent
with meaning and purpose

forever apart of her makeup
forever embedded in my skin

a monarch without her veins
isn't really a monarch

my life without my scars
is someone else's life

* My Male Butterfly

metaphorically speaking
he would have to have
already gone through his own
mental, physical, emotional
and spiritual journey

and then something beyond
our control would cause our
paths to cross

the two would then unite as one
and flutter through life in the same direction

*first photo taken by free spirit butterfly

Love for a great day!


Moanerplicity said...

The metaphor of your life, your scars & markings in comparison to that of a butterfly's takes on a whole OTHER level of depth, both poetic & spiritual. Just WOW!

And once your love's co-spirit is visible & present, you will be warm & whole in a space where once emotions were cold or broken. And you will hear new music in a place where before the lyrics were all unspoken. And two hearts will glide side by side, in fluent butterfly style. And each day will become a Blessing and a treat... as your hearts will waltz to the rhythm of Love’s fast feet.


p.s. love the 1st foto.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...


Thank you...I am growing to "love" your compliments and comments :)

Only because He is using me and I've accepted the call. The old me never had a voice and never exercised her "choices."

The scars, the journey...and the caterpillar I once was...all so necessary in my becoming the Bold, Bright, Beautiful, Show stopping Monarch.

As I am continually evolving into the woman He created me to be, I patiently await my love' co-spirit. The anticipation of new music and the waltz uniting our hearts...WOW...sounds poetic in and of itself.

Love for a great day,

WynnSong said...

As the butterfly brings such beauty and joy to the world around it, I'm finding that you have that same beauty inside and out.
Beautiful comparison......

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Wow Wynn :)

I'm sitting at the dentist, just a bit early for my "cleaning" and never leave home without my iPad...and wow...just read your comment.

Thank you for those beautiful words. I've got "JOY" on lockdown, but the beauty...Lol

Day by day, I'm bending more toward Him and less toward my flesh.

With love and peace,

A Lady's Life said...

What a lovely poem!
Scars on a butterfly compared to a person with scars. You can't really live without both the good and the bad in life The butterfly may have scars but it also has color and it's way of life which inspires so many people.
Lovely symbolism here. Well done butterfly:)
(PS I got around the robot thing You have to use explorer for the words)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Thank you My Lady,

We all have at least one scar and overtime, we can look back and see how the "season" of that memory helped to mold us into who we're becoming!

Hugs from the Monarch :)

Reggie said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Happy Sunday Reggie,

Thank you. The poems are from my first book and as a writer, we say this all the time...but it's true; these are two of my favorite poems :)

Love for a great day!