Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pressing Forward

Today's Sermon was awesome:  My personal life's application based on the above message:  Philippians 3: 1-14

The Past:  My yesterdays...I was continually walking in sin.  And when I was finished with all that...I walked in more sin.  Lost and confused BUT so called "in control," I repeated the cycle again and again.  Why?  The answer being: I had no purpose.  My purpose was revealed to me when Christ found and saved me.

The Present:  My today...I am free from my past.  I've forgiven myself as He forgave me.  Not only that, I've forgiven anyone that I presumed, had wronged me.  Oh what freedom in Christ Jesus.  "Deep breath...eternal gratitude."  Thank you Lord for continually walking with me. 
His love is so powerful that I don't need affirmation or approval that the person(s) have forgiven me.  I've made peace and have reconciled my wrongs.  IT IS FINISHED! 

The Prize:  My future...Having a "personal and intimate" relationship with the love of my life.  He knows all my stuff, all my ways, all my habits, my slight insecurities and my countless imperfections and He loves me still.  What fleshly person can offer me that?  Not one. 

We all have the best of intentions, but HE is the only unconditional love and lover there is.  And in the end, He is the only one that will say with His arms stretched out, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."  That to me, is worth more than any earthly promise ever made...past, present and future.

love for a great day,


A Lady's Life said...

Have a good one butterfly

Moanerplicity said...

You know what? I love your relationship w/ Christ. It is up to each of us to forge our own personal, exclusively rich & powerful relationship with Him... however yours is mad inspiring. Without knowing a single thing about your past, I can gather that, at one time, it enslaved you... & NOW through The Love of Jesus, you are FREE of it!

That's wonderful. That is indeed the goal & the GOLD!



A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Happy Sunday My Lady.
I miss you. The beauty of that horse photo takes my mind back to a film that I saw on the Alaska Cruise.

We watched "The War Horse." POWERFUL! Made me want to buy a horse as soon as the ship docked. Lol

Love and hugs for a great week!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...


a quiet tear fell...

I was "enslaved" indeed. Nothing I could or ever would admit in the midst of it...but eventually, we all should and would want to let go of the things that are not good for us.

It was in no way my dad's fault, but because of his absence and not knowing the TRUTY, I simply could not understand why a man would abandon his daughter.

With that departure, it left me feeling like I had something to prove. Not only that, in any relationship where I heard the word love...I soaked it up and held on tight. Nevermind the fact that "he" wasn't good for me and that I was only loving him out of a need he could never fulfill.

It was not until my marriage ended that I realized that I am worthy of being more than just someone's girl...

I am worthy of being someone's QUEEN!

Yay! Epiphany....I so love when those moments happen :-)

Christ said that He would never leave me nor forsake me and something about those words resonated in my spirit. Believing that, allows me to completely rest in His love.

With or without that forever mate by my side, I am His Princess Bride.

I only pray that any girl or woman out there who feels or felt as I did for all the years, will found or has found what I've found.

LOVE, peace and forgiveness of self and LOVE, peace and forgiveness in HIM.

love for a great week

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

seriously laughing out loud...

meant to say "not knowing the truth."


Toia said...

Awesome and inspiring post!! I love it when said how God is the only unconditional lover. Happy Sunday!!

Moanerplicity said...

My Sister:

Thank you for that wonderfully honest & telling response.

There is something very profound about the father/daughter dynamic. When it is broken or not allowed to prosper, so much psychic damage is left behind, especially for the daughter. Life becomes a breeding ground for careless behaviors & bad decisions... & SOME men who know that will swoop down like soulless vultures, feed upon it & take some twisted power from it. Emotional pimps!

Anyway, the fact that you've lived, learned, grown & evolved inside the all-mighty arms of Christ speaks to the purity, beauty and the utter unconditional nature of His Love.

Thanks for sharing so much of yourself. No doubt, you doing so becomes a beacon for others.



A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Happy Sunday Toia,

He is the lover of my soul!

Blessings to you my sweet sister! Praying for an awesome school year :)



I humbly accept your gentle yet profound words.

With love,

WynnSong said...

All I can say is Amen and Amen.......

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

GM Wynn,

Praying that His peace is with you today. I love that word: "Amen"

Something about hearing it and saying it feels so right with my soul.

Love for a great day

Reggie said...

"The Present: My today...I am free from my past. I've forgiven myself as He forgave me. Not only that, I've forgiven anyone that I presumed, had wronged me."

There are times that actually doing this is the hardest thing that we do, actually forgiving ourselves. We can do it for others so easily at times, yet we forever harangue ourselves.

I say that I forgive myself at times, but do I really?!?

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hi Reggie and thank you for sharing. That my friend will be my prayer for you...that when you say it, it will be done.

He has forgiven you, so let's leave it there. It's not his will for us to carry "those" burdens. Take flight and soar with freedom in forgiveness. Great things are in store for us once we release "it."

Love, peace and unending forgiveness