Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to pray...

Last night was another night that I was not going to walk.  I'd had a long day and after Church, I'd decided to sit with a cup of coffee and write a poem.  It's National Poetry Month & like last year, I'm committed to writing a poem a day.

* However, God had other He always does.
I pulled into my parking lot and the warm gentle breeze quietly whispered my name.  I went inside to change my clothes, grabbed my iPOD and hit the boardwalk.  There were men fishing along the pier, dog lovers here and there and a few couples walking hand in hand.  There were a few rowdy school kids out for Spring break.  However, the noise and throwing of the football didn't last too long.  Shortly after they went on their way, the waves began to sing their chorus and once again, brought a tear to my eye. 

Deep breath....grateful, humble me.

I like to walk for at least an hour and as I was approaching my mark, I had a longing to continue on.  Lo' and behold, I happened upon one of my neighbors.  There was something weighing on her heart and she seemed super excited to see me.  She began to smile and talked about how she still couldn't believe that I was a cop.  She said that I always seemed happy and that I was really nice to her when we first met.

She just kept asking me how I did it.  I gave all the credit to JESUS.  He is my strength and my song.  My hope is in him all the day long.

She was struggling with a very difficult decision and I suggested that she pray about it.  She said, "I don't know how to pray."  I told her that it's just a regular conversation like the one that she and I were having at that moment.  I told her that He would hear her and answer her because that's what He does.  In turn, she'd pray again, and then it would become a part of her life. Soon she would have a desire to share what He was doing in her life with others.

We talked for about 40 minutes or so and I could tell by the way her eyes lit up that she was a lot more hopeful than she was when I first saw her.  I also told her that she'd have to turn the noise down in this world as well as the anxious thoughts in her head in order to hear His response.  It certainly works for me.

We don't need special instructions on how to pray.  We don't have to make an appointment, possess a degree, use proper etiquette or even drop to our knees when we call on the Lord.  What matters most to God is the condition and motive of our hearts. 

Love for a great day,


Myriam said...

Wow - love the story. He had set you to give hope to someone in need. From reading your post, He got all the glory!

Just Amazing.


A Lady's Life said...

So true. Sometimes you doing just what you did is an act of an angel this person needed. Sometimes it helps just to listen, to be there to comfort. To say its ok. Its just a hump.
Life isn't easy and its going to get tougher in the future for our kids.
Thats why I think people have to pull in the reins and begin to say no to things that are not right.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning ladies.

He surely uses us in ways we'd never imagine and brings people into our lives that we would not have normally met in on our will.

Sometimes we are "So" busy with life that we miss those "Lord, use me moments." I'm so glad that on this night, I was completely available.

Love for a great day!