Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lord search my heart...

It's almost Easter; a time when we remember the Lord's sacrifice on our behalf.  Jesus would become the sacrificial offering for our sin.  His death was so public that denial that He died would be rendered impossible.  The people shouted "Hosanna" which means "save now" or "save, we pray."  And that He did...for you and I.

Search my heart Lord...
Am I refusing to forgive?
Am I a generous giver?
Do I love my fellow brother?
Am I harboring any resentment?
Do I covet my neighbors?
What are my true motives?
Am I boastful in deeds or words?
Do I take advantage of people?
Is my life one of integrity?
Am I living a life of hypocrisy?
Am I content with my blessings?
Am I longing for something?
Am I sharing your good news?
Do I only worship you in private?
Is my heart pure?

This week, ask the Lord to search your heart.  We all fall short in one area or another; me included.  How blessed are we that He is patient and forgiving?  He wants us to have an abundant life (John 10:10) and He is available for private conversations 24 hours a day.  Unlike most humans, He's not too busy, you won't get His voicemail and He won't cut you off in the middle of a sentence.  He cares and He is the only one whose love is unconditional. 

Sent w/love
Free Spirit Butterfly


A Lady's Life said...

Well said Butterfly and boy that heart ! So much more than blood goes through it :)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Amen My Lady. I soooooo agree!

Love ya!

Don said...

I liked this, thank you for sharing. Each question listed are ones all humans should ask of themselves...because God is real. Jesus Christ is real. The Holy Spirit is real. Heaven is real. Salvation is real. Hell is real.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

GM Don.
Yep! Everything you've stated is so very TRUE and the hour is near.

Love for a great day!

SLC said...

This is a read and re-read for me. A way to check myself.
Thanks for the Word sis.


Myriam said...

We all fall short in one area or another. And I can answer yes to a number of the questions. And thankful that He searches our hearts to reveal anything He didn’t plan. Yes Lord.
I love listening to Hillsong and in one of their songs – the line goes “how can this be that The kind would die for me”. It still leaves me speechless that He would die for me. May we praise Him with all our might so the stones will not have to cry out. Inddeed who & what would we be without His love, grace and mercy?

Glad that your weekend starts early. Enjoy. Thank you- thank you for stopping by so that I can be blessed with an email from you. I am deeply honored that our paths have crossed on the highway of cyberspace and we look forward to meet face to face one day.

I am so looking forward to maternity leave at the end of the month that I can hardly stand it. I didn’t forget about the poem and the topics that have come to mind are the following words “Free or Freedom” and “Grace”.

Love you sister and may “the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you”


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I like your's also a way for me to check myself too. We need to check ourselves on a regular basis otherwise, we think we got this "thing" covered and we don't need Him!

I embrace the "falling short" in certain areas of my life. That's what draws me nearer to my Prince. I long for his guidance and discipline. It's a clear sign that HE still loves me and TRULY wants the best for me.

Looking forward to your poem and will be praying for your special delivery!


Myriam said...

Thank you and Thank you for the prayers.