Thursday, September 29, 2011

My love language...

Okay, about that last post, my love tank was on low.  I went to Ohio to spend some much needed QUALITY time with my dad.  Yes, I'm 47 and I'm a daddy's girl.

It was just what the doctor ordered.  TV marathons (Law and Order & NCIS), junk food (pizza, cookies & wings), great coffee, with lots of cream, my pjs and endless laughter.  Not to mention the Tender Loving Care. Just by being in his presence makes my heart happy.  The serenity and the stillness of life there is priceless.

Do you know your love language?  Mine happens to be quality time.  Running a close second is Acts of service.  Don't get me wrong, a girl loves to hear those infamous "I love yous" repeatedly from the right guy, but I want his actions to be in alignment with his words. 

In the end, you'll discover what fuels your love tank, if you don't already know. Below are the (5) choices.  I have the book and it talks in great detail about "our partner" not knowing it and working hard in all the wrong areas trying to please you.  Just maybe if he/she knew your love language, something may shift in a positive direction.  "Just food for thought."

Quality Time
Acts of Service
Physical Touch
Gifts (receiving)
Words of Affirmation


A Lady's Life said...

trust,touch, closeness of spirit, laughter,holding hands.........

Its not all physical sex.In fact thats what it should not be based on at all.

SLC said...

Hey sis.
I love this.
I'm glad you got a refill.
Praying I can get some balance amongst the 5 you mentioned.

See ya,

Don said...

I love for and love daddy's girls, hopefully my daughters remain under the spirit of being one. I say, many will love my daughters but I am the only man will love them from beginning to end.

Quality Time is definitely first on my list, it speaks of showing and proving and affection and just important and special.

Love the entire list, actually.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Thank you my friends for visiting and sharing. We all speak many languages, but there is always one thing we favor more than others. I'm a hand holder and a close second is being in the same room with that "special someone" and not needing to say one single word!

Being hugged, goes without saying. Hugs are free and the Universal display of affection. Yes, my name is Denise and I'm a hugged.

Love and hugs,