Thursday, October 6, 2011

How did that get in there?

We ALL have one, me included.  I'm a Christian and I have a junk drawer.  It drives me crazy, every so often when I open it up and swear that it was just cleaned the day before.  Frustrated and irritated, I clean it once more.  Like an ex-boyfriend, it somehow finds its way back into my life ;-)

We don't have to wait for Spring Cleaning to move some stuff around, discard and/or organize our lives.  Have you forgotten what God can do for you?  He has the power to change those areas of our lives that desperately need his touch.  We are constantly in need of cleaning and straightening - gossip, yelling, gluttony, complaining, bitterness, fretting, jealousy, worry, pride, uncommitted struggles, impatience - all jammed way back in the corners of our junk drawer.

Unfortunately, they can't and won't straighten themselves out.  That's where the Almighty God of the Universe comes in.  Ahhh, deep breath - Lord, I need your help.  He longs to help us in those areas where we just can't quite do it on our own. 

Will you let Him help you today?  After all, you don't want your stuff to start spilling over do you? (lol)

Sent w/love

BTW - This was part of a devotional I read this morning.


A Lady's Life said...

I love my junk drawers lol After all, where will I organize the mess? In another box?

Don said...

Love the nature of this post and I do believe I am in possession of more than a few things that need to be removed and tossed away.

I do pray and make honest to God attempts to repent, turn away from adding to my drawer collection.

Love the smiley face included after old boyfriend. Hilarious.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Don, prayer is something we all coild use more of!

There have been ocassions where my mess has shown itself and I was quick to change the subject, but like you, I long to repent and move forward.

How BLESSED are we that HE loves us in spite of ourselves?

Love and hugs


SLC said...

Oh THAT junk drawer. All I can say is thanks again sis. I'm reminded of an old song's lyrics

My storage is empty
and I am available to you

I'm going to let God have full access to my junk drawer.

Thanks again sis,