Saturday, February 5, 2011

Real Joy

I am currently going through a personal trial and I am certain with everything in my being that I will come out a Victor. There were numerous times in my past where I was a "victim." I allowed people to take advantage of me, I was a victim of domestic violence, an old employer sexually harassed me until I could no longer take it and ended up quitting, and I've even suffered a broken heart on more than one occasion.

I am not "that" person any longer. I am no longer the "caterpillar" I once was. Some of my friends and family members probably wonder why I "always" appear joyful. I know some people wonder how is it that I smile all the time and why my laughter sounds so infectious "as my dad says." And there may even be a few who wonder if "it's real." The answer is YES! It is real. The JOY of the Lord is my strength. I don't know about you and I'm certainly no EXPERT (not yet anyway), but I've read enough of the Bible to Trust in Him and to Believe in His promises. What possible reason could He have to deceive us?

During this current trial I'm experiencing, I happened upon Psalm 13. And as I type this, I truly need to correct myself. The Holy Spirit led me to Psalm 13. Wherein King David asked the Lord (4) times, "How long?" And in the end, he simply said, "I will sing the Lord's praises for he has been good to me."

That's exactly how I feel. I often wonder how long and when I finish asking, I can hear the Holy Spirit whispering, "Until God says so." Then I take a deep breath and remember all the times in the past where I wondered the exact same thing and came out a Victor!

You too can have real joy! He doesn't just promise it to some of us. He has no favorites, we're all His children.

w/love and grace
free spirit butterfly


Mizrepresent said...

What a beautiful reminder of Gods grace and mercy in our lives. Thanks for sharing this. Stay blessed.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Happy Saturday Msrepresent! Thank you for stopping by. I was just blog hopping and seeing your visit brought a smile to my face!

love ya

Myriam said...

With that kind of attitude, I have no doubt that you will come as the Victor that you already are. It takes real relationship with the Lord to truly believe that in spite of all the circumstances that He allows that He's for us and not against us.

Keep smiling because it is indeed contagious.

Have a blessed weekend dear Ms. china.


SLC said...

Hey Sis,

Stop for stopping by. It was a much needed boost to my morale in the midst of what is the most difficult season in my life. I have the same questions you have, and thankfully I now have an answer as well.

Thanks for being a blessing

Love you sis,

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

GM Myriam and SLC. Thank you for visiting.

I walk with Jesus and pray that my words are a reflection of His love.

SLC, you are on my prayer list and I have NO DOUBT that the Lord will carry you through this season, as He has in the past.


Toia said...

Yes I so needed to read this.
It's an encouragement to my spirit.

I would keep you in my prayers for strength and endurance. I sing praises to God on your victory over your trial.

Blessings to you my VICTORIOUS sister!! =D

greeneyes616 said...

Amen..His guidance has gotten me through a very similar life which is why I wrote my inspired book. To let everyone know that Joy is for everyone. Troubles inevitable, but misery is optional. When we listen and trust the Holy Spirit fills us until we bubble over...Thanks for this wonderful confirmation and reminder...God Bless Patricia

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning Toia and Patricia, thanks for visiting and thanks for the beautiful comments. God is so awesome and I could just cry as I type this. Heard a great sermon on the Radio on the way to work this morning about how he gave us the Spirit of Power, not the Spirit of being timid. I tell people all the time, the Devil is NOT some man in a red suit with a pitch fork. He's very subtle and everywhere.

Together, yes we can!
I'm so grateful to my blog family for love and encouragement and just being supportive and real!

w/love to all on this very cold Wednesday!

Be blessed everyone and stay in FAITH!


PS Patricia, I'm so excited to be ordering your book. I will order one for my daughter also.


crochet lady said...

Oh, bless you dear. Yes joy is available to all of us, but how often we let life get us down.

I identify with you in being past that caterpillar stage. I feel like I am more "me" than I ever was before.

Hang in there and let joy be your rock right now. Thank the Lord for the truth in scripture to turn to that we might have for an anchor for our soul, the steadfast strength of His sure word.