Friday, January 28, 2011


I found this Psalm last summer while in the middle of changing a flower pot. I was in the kitchen and my Bible CD was playing in the background. I've heard it before, but oftentimes, depending on where we are in our lives and our walks, Scriptures and Psalms have different meanings. I was "in a place in my life" where I really needed Psalm 131:1-2.

The below is an excerpt from one of my New Bibles referencing Psalm 131.

"The Poet no longer felt torn apart by inner nagging and turmoil. He had come to terms with himself and thus experienced inner peace. The psalmist used a metaphor easily understood by mothers to describe his new found serenity. A child that is weaned no longer struggles for milk when held on its mother's breast...

The psalmist advised Israel to trust in the Lord and not to depend on themselves. Only then would God's people know true serenity, security, and contentment."

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Don said...

Like I said before and before on your blog I struggle spiritually, but each and every time I read something you've posted I feel nearer to thee, in terms of my own personal life's experiences.

In other words, during those times where I have completely trusted in the Lord ... I felt immediate serenity.

Thanks for sharing.

A Lady's Life said...

I am afraid for Israel. I would not want to live there right now.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning Don, I am so humbled that this message touched you. Usually when I post something it's one of three things...

1) From personal experience
2) The Holy Spirit spoke to me
3) Me just being silly ;-)

Praying for you and your spiritual walk. Know that God is patient, He knows you and He created you specil for His purpose.


My Lady, Happy Sunday. I pray for Israel and all God's children; are absolutely LOST without Him. He is our source and our strength. When this country realized that, we shall truly have peace on earth.

Make it a great day!

Myriam said...

Hi Ms. China
It is true that sometimes we hear the Word so clearly in times of desperation of as you said based on the seasons we are in.

And sometimes, when we have hit rock bottom, He has all of our attention and we are more receptive to His voice.

Have a blessed week. Thank you for stopping by.

Miss you and love you dear one.



A Lady's Life said...

Geez I think Israel is headed for a lot of trouble.
The Arabs are just plain evil. They won't leave it alone.
One thing about the Koran is that on the first page of it,is the gist of the whole book.They don't go past go. They don't collect 200 dollars.
And this reflects in the stagnant society they have.
Last night I heard a sermon which inspired me so I'll be putting it on my blog. This Brother Dollar sure spoke eloquently to his people.

greeneyes616 said...

What a beautiful blog...I recently read that psalm it is so amazing how God has perfect timing for all His children who seek,listen, and trust in Him. He left the Holy Spirit to guide His children and how enveloping is His comfort and strength through our journey home...God Bless have a fruitful and peaceful weekend Patricia

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning Patricia and thank you for visiting with me. I'm grateful and so looking forward to getting to know you.

Be Blessed and stay in prayer!


PS - Happy Saturday Blog Family!