Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is it just me?

Why do some men have a problem with a female supervisor?
Is it because I strut my stuff with confidence?
Is it because I can do it in 3" stilettos?
Is it because I smell pretty?
Is it because I am too courteous?
Is it because I smile at you and you take it the wrong way?
Is it because I show no favoritism?
Is it because I instruct and correct w/love?
Is it because I do not wear dark suits?
Is it because I can do two things at once?
Is it because I do not participate in the football pool?
Is it because I resemble an old love or past hurts?
Or is it simply because I earned "it" without sleeping with anyone to get it?

I just can't figure out why they don't like this funny, sweet, compassionate, brings life to the office-girl who wouldn't hurt a fly. But then again, as I type this, it truly isn't about me, is it? A lot of "people" are walking wounded. They have unresolved issues from the past and they mask it with a nice outfit and a generic smile.

My heartfelt prayers are with those individuals.

Sgt. Butterfly


Myriam said...

Good morning Sgt Butterfly-
I think you nail it with the last point and that is people have issues that are buried deep inside. "Issues" have a very interesting way of coming out thru different manifestations.

keep doing what you are doing....

God bless.

Have a great day

Your sister in Christ

SLC said...

Weak people are often intimidated by weak people that are Christians. His strength is made perfect in our weakness and unfortunately, others are often intimidated. With confidence in God its easy to strut your stuff in 3" stilettos, knowing you are a VICTOR (according to a dear friend).

The way you earned it, is the way you keep it.

Good to cyber see you,

jeannette said...

It's not you my dear friend - they have some problems that they never resolved like you say at the end!

A Lady's Life said...

In a man's world, it is hard to take orders from a woman.
Men give orders.
You take away that and you take away a man's manhood.
You infeminate him lol
Have you noticed lately the gender change? Not only women want change.
Women want equality and equality results in men who give less and take on a womans attributes wanting
Used to be men died before women but now with all the extra work women are taking upon themselves, maybe they will die before men now.
I don't know.
Men give orders women listen. Women give orders men don't listen. It's just a part of who they are.They give up but not totally.

greeneyes616 said...

I love it Sgt. You give them all you have with both barrels and stand tall. When it's done right I feel it's the most intimadating, because most people can't do it right because they don't ask for the Holy Spirits direction first and they resent you for being able to do it all...been there I can tell you...Loved it truly thanks for the smile Patricia

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Happy Friday Myriam, Little Brother, Ms. Lady, Jeanette and Patricia. Thank you all so much for visiting and letting me "vent."

I had a brief encounter with a coworker which prompted me to post this. He along with several other males throughout my career have not embraced "my position." But the Almighty God does not give us more than we can handle and I've been handling it for 12 years. ;-)

I'm just so very grateful to God that I can have my Bible openly displayed on my desk. And most importantly, unlike the Old Testament, today, we can come to Him anytime and anywhere and He hears us!

w/love for a great weekend

Toia said...

My prayers are with them as well. I love how you sign off - Sgt. Butterfly =D

Blessings to you!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!