Friday, April 24, 2009

Simple faith...

Faith: The hope that what he/she was doing was for the right reason, at the right time. That God had bestowed him/her with a sense of timing that was beyond human reasoning. Faith: The knowledge that there was no guarantee for the future, but there was grace for the day. Each evening gave him/her the strength to continue the mission the next day. Faith: A tiny seed that he/she nurtured faithfully; a seed that grew delicate tendrils of courage to keep going despite the risks. Faith: The assurance that the God-given hunch, the slightest suspicion and the dream burrowed deep within the heart are not one's own doing, but the very evidence of God at work.

Today's prayer - Father in heaven, help me to live out my faith in tangible ways today and everyday. In Jesus name, Amen!


crochet lady said...

I like that applied definition of faith. It is God's work within us that keeps us hoping, keeps us going when we cannot see.


A Lady's Life said...

Yes to have faith is important in life.
Faith hope love patience I believe in all of those things as well as miracles because they happen every day.
The world is alive and we can see it and understand it and talk about it. No one recognises, that to do these things is a miracle.
It separates us from rocks and trees who express themselves differently. Trees by fruit and flowers, rocks by warmth and the fact they hold minerals we need to survive.We may think we have nothing, but we have everything to be grateful for and to live for and even to one day die for.
Blessings sent your way too :)

crochet lady said...

Read your "What the.." story. My emotions fell right to bottom when I hit the end, ouch. I hope if that really happened to you, that the pain of that finality has passed.

PAK ART said...

Faith is what keeps me going when I wonder what this world is coming to. Sometimes I get discourage with the crime, hate, killings, starving, hurting that goes on everyday everywhere. Faith reminds me that God is in control and someday this life on earth will be over and all these things will be done and gone.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning ladies. Happy Sunday.
I'm tired, but I have a pulse; which is a very good thing (smile)

Love for a great day!
PS Jen, I have a book titled 1,000 promts and that short story came from there. Also Writer's gives you daily prompts to get your juices started. I was told once that I couldn't write fiction, so I wanted to prove that I could. A friend of mine felt the same way you did and called to ask what happened next. (I guess I'm on to something) LOL

Love you for stopping by there too...

Juri said...

What a beautiful way to define faith! Without faith, my life would have been full of fear and disappointment!