Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No, I'm not weird...

Fetish - fixation, craze, mania, obsession... (Webster's thesaurus)

I have to admit, I'm fascinated with many things and love to collect some of them along my life's journey. For example: I love to collect rocks. I began well before I read Joshua and my NIV asked, "what's your memory stone?" I have rocks from my walks w/Max, from various restaurants who display them in their decor, rocks from vacations and various other places. Something about them speak to me. Just like trees, I don't collect them; but they somehow tell a story.

You probably already know that I collect Butterflies. I've heard that there is a museum in California and I have that on my life list.... I collect picture frames, candle holders and books. I collect photographs, inspirational messages and journals. I don't collect but have an interesting collection of lamps and side tables. It's really too funny considering I live alone. I must have about 15 or so lamps and 9 side tables, but that's an issue I'm working on w/my therapist (lol) Oh, I forgot, I also have a passion for dishes, "not fine china" but colorful plates, cups and bowls. But again, I'm not weird. Well anyway, this post was inspired by Columbo. He has a series of DVDs out and if you didn't know, he was the main reason I joined the Police Dept. I love him. He "was" the smartest detective I knew and he so intrigued my young naive mind way back when. I spent $137 on his first 4 collectibles. (and I don't even have any milk in the fridge-(lol)

I was up late last night watching the first series and I still get that same old feeling; wow, he's so smart. But knowing what I know now, I would have chosen another profession. Something more along the lines of my passions. It's still my goal and dream to open a little collectible store where all my little fetish items can be on display... See you at my "Grand Opening" (smile)


CareyCarey said...

I don't have much time but I had to stop by to get a little inspiration from you. I don't know if I've been inspired this morning but I've found out a ittle more about you. Well, ...At least you didn't say that you collect men. Now see, that's a good thang.

I'd hate to see them hanging all over your house with the rocks and the lamp shades. Beside Max wouldn't play that mess. I wonder if ol'Max ever ran away a few good men *lol*.

Columbo wasn't too smart. He couldn't even find a cleaners to get his coat ironed.

Hey, he frequently talked about his wife. Did he ever mention her name? Come on now, this question could be your path to early retirement. Yes sir, I can see it now. Miss Butterfly on the TV program, Do You Want To Be A Black Millionaire".

Btw, speaking of police officers in movies, didn't I see you in shaft. That's right, you were Jeffery Wright's girlfriend in that movie - right? *lol*

Oh well, you're doing fine. As long as you don't start collecting bad guys, you're ahead of the game.

Gotta go, gotta go run my mouth.

A.Smith said...

I bet if we all took a moment to think about it, we all have something we collect/obsess over that others might find wierd.

I have a thing about quotes. All kinds. Especially the ones from my friends. I kinda see them as snapshots of what's happening in our lives. I re-read quotes from high school and with a lot of them can immediately remember the circumstances. I LOVE that.

Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Hello there Ms. China-
I don't think that's being weird at all. As long as you enjoy your collection. I wouldn't mind applying for a position when the store opens up. I can't think of anything that I collect (if that isn't weird) for my child it's cars but me. Gee. I am the one who needs therapy.

I thank you so very much for checking up on me. I am alive and very busy - working some very, very long hours and as a result have been left with very little time for anything else. I appreciate so much your remembering me.

Love you much and will check back again.


crochet lady said...

I've watched alot of Columbo shows. We were kind of on a Columbo streak last year. I got set after set from my library system and watched them. My teenage boys had never seen any Columbo shows. Columbo's eccentricity was rather endearing to them and they were impressed too, with how he solved the crimes. That's so cool that he was your inspiration for being in law enforcement.

I hope I'm not answering 'your' question, but I think they only ever called his wife Mrs. Columbo, but not sure though. But I do remember an episode where Kate Mulgrew played Mrs. Columbo and helped solve a crime involving a ventriloquist. Also I remember his daughter's name, since it's the same as mine.

Collections? Ya, I have a few. One of our family hobbies is to look for rocks, actually agates. Our house is situated on farmland and we comb the fields in the spring and fall. We have found some great stones. Also, one other favorite spot I have to look for rocks is on the shore of Lake Superior.

We bought a rock polisher awhile back. Some of the stones turned out real nice and I even wrapped a few with wire and made pendants out of them.

Well, I guess that's enough from me.
Love ya, Jen

Oh, PS, a store sounds like a great idea and I would love to come!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

See Jen, we are sisters. We love Columbo and we collect rocks (smile)

Carey, no I don't collect me, I use to from the time I was 16 and then had an ephiphany... Now I'm turning the picking over to GOD (Smile)

Myriam, I bet if you took a closer look, you have two of something (LOL)

Ms. Smith, I forgot about my quote obession, how could I there eveywhere I am? Thanks for that!

Love for a great day!

Anonymous said...

It seems that you have just what you need to get started and yes, please keep me posted on the Grand Opening! I know it will be a great success :)))

PAK ART said...

I love getting to know everyone a little better. I have about 4 rocks in my collection - they are from around the world. I love glass art and I love marine life so I have a collection of glass fish.

I'll come to the grand opening too. Can I put my cards up for sale?

A Lady's Life said...

Well people call me a bag lady because I collect everything lol
I love everything. I do everything.
I hope to one day have the time to open the boxes and sort things and make frames for them so history can unfold itself on my walls.
I wanted to paint all my walls and ceilings like Michael Angelo did but then another woman beat me to it. She died and when her son came to sell the house, he couldn't.
Said his Mom was everywhere. So he donated her house to the city and it became a museum.You want to leave pieces of yourself behind so people remember you but my kids don't treasure things like I do. I tell them you need to keep things because its all history, history you will never have a chance to get your hands on again.

Keep your dreams and they will one day come true. :)