Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Silly secrets

I must admit that I have a few and of course once I post them, the secret is out; so here goes:

I still have my Christmas tree up. My neighborhood doesn't make arrangements for pick up and I don't want to put it in my car. So I have decided to keep watering it and when it dies out, I'll put it in the backyard until the spring.

When I'm eating fast food in the car and I'm not done by the time I get close to my home, I'll ride around the neighborhood until I'm finished so that I won't have to put it all back in the bag and finish inside.

I play hide and seek with my dog and when he can't find me, I jump out and scare him. He gets so excited and starts chasing me around the house. I am also patiently waiting for the day when he'll talk back (lol)

I bought a Karaoke machine to practice my poetry and public speaking.

After I've been on one of my eating binges, I'll try on my favorite jeans to sit if they fit. So far, so good.

I'm scared to go in my basement during the summer months when the crickets are down there.

I am very interested to know what the birds are talking about.

And lastly, when I get home from work, I can have my clothes off by the time I hit the kitchen table and be in my mix matched PJ's in record speed. It's as if I never left the house.

Well that's enough about me. You've got any you wanna share. Remember, it won't be a "secret" once you post it (smile)


Toia said...

This is a fun post. Well, let's see...what kind deep dark secret or secrets I have...hmmm.

For starters, #1 If a song I like is playing on the radio and it is not done by the time I get home, I, too, drive around the neighborhood until it's finished.

#2 When I cook, I love to nibble on the food as cook it like a little mouse.

#3 Everytime I fix myself some ice cream, I always have to mix with milk.

#4 Before eating a bowl of cereal, I put my milk in the freezer so it can be half way frozen. Then I shake the milk so the ice can break in a slushy form.

Once again fun post!!

#3 -

Strongblkwmn said...

Okay, here goes:

I'm scared to be in my house alone. I always hear a bunch of creepy noises and things moving. I think there are some spirits walking around.

I wish I could go on the reality show Survivor.

I don't eat ice cream until it melts.

I'm addicted to Rock Band 2.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

That's funny Toia, I do number 1 but I sit in the garage and I do number 4 too. It's soooooo good when the milk is cold. Also, I won't answer the phone when I'm eating it so that it will stay crunchy. Isn't number 3 considered a milk shake? (smile)

STB. Have you submitted your name??? As for the icecream thing, my daughter's grandma does the same thing. Is is considered icecream after it melts??? (smile)

Thanks ladies, I was trying to bring a smile to someone's day.

justi4all said...

Wow! Now that I've finished laughing my butt off. I'm trying to think of some secrets I would like to share as well.

I too play hide and seek with my dog (Turbo) and I too jump out and scare him. This is soooo much fun, but he wants me to continue this game all day and all night and he never gets tired I do (LOL).

When I prepare a meal I always plate it as if I'm at an exclusive restaurant and I'm being graded.

I fix myself exotic midnight or mid evening snacks like chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream in between, cool whip and chocolate syrup on top w/ chocolate shavings or chopped almonds (ummm yummy).

I also make banana split in a banana split bowl as if it going to taste any different if I don't (ha).

When I run my bath I close the bathroom door so that (Turbo) won't fill the tub with his toys or himself.

Sometimes I am sooo hungry that half way through my meal I realize that I have neglected to give God thanks for this nourishment so I ask God to forgive me for being a glut and I sometimes say a little more because he deserves his praise, and I am so thankful for all of my blessings.

This was funny thank you my sister

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hey Ms. Justice, that was toooo funny. Max wouldn't go anywhere near the tub; so what does that say about him? (lol)

Overall, it sounds like you need to either work at a restaurant or open one. You know me, with my cereal diet, I'll be your #1 customer. (smile)

The last one is so me. It's funny, as I read others, they too are some that I forgot to mention.

So heavenly father, thank you in advance for any meals that I may consume today.

Love, peace and blessings!

Shanita Waters said...

That's a very fun post! I thought I was the only one that will drive around the neighborhood to finish eating my fast food. LOL

#1 - I take an extra long time in the bathroom if I'm in the midlle of a song because I like the way my voice echoes in the bathroom.

#2 - I write my blog posts in Word or Outlook when I'm at work so I'll look as if I'm working if my boss walks pass.

#3 -I have a phobia of trees and for a while woudn't even dry through wooded areas alone at night.

#4- I sleep witha 2 liter bottle of soda beside my bed everynight and get up for 3-4 glasses per night like a newborn baby does for bottles.

That's all I can afford to share on the WORLD WIDE WEB right now. Thanks for making me smile this morning!


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hey Ms. Shanita, I'm going to have to borrow #2. I learned something new today and I'm going to start first thing tomorrow. (smile) Have a great Thursday and thanks for supporting my other blog.

Love, peace and continued blessings

SLC said...

This is great and funny.

1) The song "No Weapon" (concert version) almost always brings me to tears.

2) I hate going to bed on Sunday nights thinking I can delay Monday morning.

3) On of my blog roll buddies dumped me in High School (although she says I dumped her).

4) Don't like walking around with my wallet in my back pocket 'cause it bakes my buttttt look tooooo biiiiggg.

5) I'm the only one in my immediate family that's not greedy, so when no one is looking I'll sneak food upstairs so I don't have to share.

Fun Post. Now I'm going to visit my law enforcement friend.


Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

This is fun - a few of not so more secrets anymore.

-I add coffee creamer to my cereal.

-I like to eat peanut butter with orange juice.

-I’ve been at my for 2 years now and have a huge backyard – I have been told there are garden snakes there in the summer. I have yet to see one because I avoid the backyard at all cost. Still – when I wake in the middle of the night to use the bathroom – I have this fear that I will see one in the house when I turn on the light as I walk around. I know if that ever happens- I will be dead.

-When I eat French fries or any kind of finger food – I do not eat the piece that I touch.

-I brush my teeth twice in the morning (one with toothpaste and baking soda).


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

SLC - you are a comedian as well. Like Dr. Phil says, How is #2 working for you? (lol)

As for #3, if it's me, I didn't know you liked me back then (smile)

#4 & # 5 are tooooo funny.

Glad you came up for air.

Love ya.
the butterfly

Ms. Myriam - I love ya, but you are weird (lol)espeically with number 1 & 4. I have laughter tears rolling down my face. Thanks for your honesty. I'm going to print yet another one of your "pick me ups" for a day when I need to smile. People will be looking at me like "what's up w/her"

Have a great Thursday!

Parkay said...

Hey free spirit. I'm all caught up, with my reading. Glad I got to this funny post. I will share a few. But some of mine don't need to be aired, only God knows, lol.

#1. I eat crabs for breakfast
#2. I set my alarm clock for 5:30 a.m and hit snooze 6 times (for extra 45 minutes every morning before I get completely up.
#3. I moved the alarm clock across the room so I wouldn't do this. Now I go across the room and get back in bed just 3 times and get up a little earlier

Yes, I really do this, lol. I guess some habits are harder to break.

Okay those are the safe ones. Thanks for the laughs free spirit. ~ PEACE ~

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Ms. Parkay, you are too funny. My mother always said that the tummy doesn't know what time it is. I may put that on my life list... crabs and coffee for breakfast (smile)

As for the alarm, think of all the calories you'll burn at the the end of the year (lol)

Love you!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Update - I took the tree down last Friday and the favorite jeans aren't looking too good. I've been working really late since my boss left so I've gained about 5-6 pounds. I really need a personal chef (lol)