Sunday, January 11, 2009

How will he reveal himself to you?

God is everywhere at all times, but as humans we can get caught up in life and "forget" so to speak. When I open my bible, I like to read the first thing that I turn to before I begin my reading plan and last night as I started to read, I had a "wow" moment.

In the middle of watching Ladder 49, with John Travolta for the first time, I was so engrossed in the movie and then it occurred to me that I hadn't read the four chapters that I committed myself to as one of my resolutions. I opened my NIV to a devotional titled "Fire Control."

In short it said, "James pointed out that believers often engage in gossip, slander and backbiting. While working to build up the body of Christ with their actions, their tongues can insidiously cause fires through the church." (I say outside the Church as well)

It goes on to say that rather than using your words as combustible fodder, why not choose words that are fire resistant? Here are 12 words to quench a hot situation: Please, Thank you, I'm sorry, I love you, and I'm praying for you.

So on this day I would like to say Please remember to help someone in need. Thank you for supporting my blog. I'm sorry if I've ever written anything that may have offended you. I love you as Christ loves us and I am "always praying for you!

love, peace and blessings for a Great Day!


Toia said...

That's beautiful!! I couldn't say it any better. Thanks for the encouragement and the inspirations.

Have a bless week!!

Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

It's interesting to note how things have not changed much since the days of James. In fact, one could say that it has gotten worse. But James was addressing believers and your post is such a sweet reminder to be on alert for to be aware not to engage in such things rather build up one another with the kinds words you have listed instead.

Praying for you because of the stressful work that you do. I know how it can be because my ex is a police officer.

God bless.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning ladies and thanks for the visit, prayers and blessings. God is near and that keeps me sane; for today at least... (lol)

Have a great week,
the butterfly

Spring Fricks said...

Well, just as an FYI, I have never been offended while reading your blog. :-)

You are off to a great start for 2009. I think God has something special in store for you.

Shanita Waters said...

I love you too! This is a great post. I truly enjoyed it. Isn't amazing how God can chose to reveal himself to us?

Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Just wanted to let you know that you are one of the winners of the Pay It Forward giveaway. Please send me your address ( to get your book.

Have a blessed week and thanks for playing along.


justis4all said...

Hello My sister I find that I get much further in my readings when I use the bible gateway audio I read along and I stop and research anything I don't quite understand.
You may end upp reading more than four verses and finished before the end of the year, but that'snot a bad thing you can just start over again.


Parkay said...

Wow lady, another great post. We were talking about this kind of stuff at bible study a week ago. The tongue is a dangerous weapon and backbiting is a common occurence even among church goers. Thank God we have a deliverer from that kind of stuff. As believers we will be tested constantly but we must remember that God gives us the power to pass these tests every time. as we use his word as the answer. And if we do slip, he gives us way to fall back into grace as long we repent. I am so glad I can dust myself off and go forth and learn to recognize why I slipped in the first place. I especially love that scripture that points out, "greater is he that is within you then he that is in the world". Praise God, for that! We would definitely be lost creatures without his unfailing word! ~PEACE~