Thursday, October 9, 2008

Night stand trivia (smile)

I saw this in a magazine while waiting at the Salon. This question was posed to a few celebs, as if we care. Do we? "What's on your night stand?" I'm fortunate enough to have 2 (ahhhh, the single life)

On my left there is a lamp
a framed picture of a tree (my zen)
a coaster to ease my compulsive disorder (lol)
an alarm clock
a pocket sized prayer book
and "my book" in draft courtesy of Kinkos

On my right there is a reading light
a strawberry and cream candle
a bottle of deer park
flowers that won't die (lol)
and a picture of my grandmother

Since the question was "what's on your night stand?" I won't even
get into the contents of the mini drawers attached to them...

How about you?


Tia's Real Talk said...

A lamp, cordless phone and baby oil..for my 8month old...even though I am

SLC said...

I only have one and it's small but here goes

A lamp, alarm clock, telephone, cough drops, pastors manual and a whole lot of mess I should get rid of but I won't.

gracefully discovering. said...

We have two...but the one on my side of the bed has a few pair of earrings that I "forgot" to put back in my jewelry box, maybe 2 bottles of water, opened mail, a pen, my book club book, and a candle.
You would totally be straigtening up in my wanna come over??!!
P.S I enjoy reading your writing...thanks for stopping by and commenting on my page!!

Strongblkwmn said...

I have two night stands but one belongs to my husband. On mine I have a bunch of toiletries, two journals, a phone/alarm clock/cd player, vitamins, a beautiful card my husband gave me a few years ago, and a picture of my children.

Don said...

Lamp, alarm clock, cell phone charger, a gang of ink pens, let me think....visine, some notes, and other little stuff.