Friday, October 10, 2008

Two quick questions

I was watching Oprah this afternoon and of course everyone is talking about the financial crisis... I hate to say blah, blah, blah because it really has affected a lot of people. But now that we've aired our dirty laundry, let's fix it. I don't know about you but it's a wake up call to me. If you really think about it, we are some "spoiled" Americans. I'm the first to admit that if I don't like the way something taste, I throw it out. How many kids in Africa would love to have that meal? As a matter of fact, the homeless right here in DC would probably like a container of leftovers.

I'm sorry, got off track for a minute. Oprah's famous guest Dr. Oz, who is a heart specialist, was talking briefly about the increase in heart attacks because of the financial mess. In addition to the suicide and the possible divorce stats going up....

He had (3) solutions to stress and they were Stretch, breathe and sex. So my first question is, "what about PRAYER?" That's why we are in this freaking mess. Channel surf while the main news channels are on and see how many times the word "prayer" is mentioned.

My second question is, "what if you're not having sex?" (smile)


SLC said...

I misplaced something the other day and I looked everywhere for a while. After a while, I prayed, and found it immediately. If that had been my money I'd be broke. Or if my health, I'd be dead. In some cases people always try shortcuts or sin first, and only use prayer as a last resort.

Now for question # 2. Exercise your body, and your relationship with God. Practice being a good wife to him. When "the dance" partner arrives you'll be physically and spiritually ready to dance with every aspect of him.......FOR FREE


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

If God can be patient with me, I can surely be "patient" with him!

Thanks for the Godly advice!

Prince Esiri's World said...

Well, my dear sister,you must understand that Dr Oz was not in the church,you dnt even knw if he believes in God.When 've issues like dis in public,u dnt bring in relig.matters.u just ve to be sure dat is why Dr Oz did not mentioned dat.
sex is sweet when u are ve it d rite time.i mean when u are married.the Bible says marriage is honorable when d bed is undify.u dnt ve to ve sex when u are nt married.if will ve to follow d Bible carefully,u find out dat we are nt clean in d site of GOD.Dat bring me to ur 1st Qutn.depend on ur faith,ur is creacted by God and it has rules and regulations..ok.well u call me if ur questions is nt answered.i 'll expl. more.ok