Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Character traits...

Some things are beyond our control. For example, character traits that we inherit from our parents. Name at least one thing that you got from your parents. I love you mom and dad but here goes...

Pros - From my dad I inherited his work ethics, he worked for Good Year for over 35 years and everyone respected him and gave him a great send off to show their apprecation. I also inherited his punctuality. My biggest pet peeve is tardiness. For God's sake people, can you just call if you're going to be late?

From my mom I inherited her writing skills, we both have books inside of us dying to see the light of day. She's been writing since "forever" and I've been writing since about 7th grade. We can seduce a pen and pad like no body's business (smile)

Cons - From my dad I inherited his need to have everything in it's place. I can drive myself up the wall because "it" has to be right at work and at home. I keep telling myself that it's ok, let it go but my evil twin, goes right behind me and puts things in their proper place. If you invite me over, I just may straighten up a bit. (pls don't take offense, my therapist says I'm almost curred)

From my mom I inherited the ability to lock myself in the house and not come up for air. I can be in the house all day or even all weekend with no communication from the outside world. I care not to talk on the telephone and visitors are optional. If you must come by, please call first. If it goes to voice mail, wait for me to return your call before your ring the doorbell.

Overall, I'm really a sweet girl!


Prince Esiri's World said...

is ur spirit free?i will like to knw u more.is like we ve tins in common.keep d good work

SLC said...

Great post.
The mom part is easy - We both have long fuses. They are however, fast fuses. We both love our families immensely, but relish the opportunities to be alone with a book, magazine, or remote control. We are both generous givers.

From Sam? Hmmmmmmmm? An interest in current events. Like I, he read about sports a lot, but could converse on a number of different topics. I really wish I knew more. Maybe I'll ask my mother what similarity she sees. I don't think I'm afraid of what she'll say.

Don said...

I keep telling myself that it's ok, let it go but my evil twin, goes right behind me and puts things in their proper place. If you invite me over, I just may straighten up a bit.

This made me smile, cause I know a female whose just like this. She will come over and immediately start re-arranging things then tell me that it's not the apartment, it's just something within her that makes her re-decorate. LOL.

I think I inherited my mother's bad nerves and my deceased father's boldness.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Prince esiri's world - yes my spirit is FREE! Thanks for the visit.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

SLC, what a great thing to do. Ask your mom and discover something about yourself! I don't you'll be afraid either. Fear is the enemy!

On another note, I hope you're holding the remote with one hand and your wife's hand with the other (Smile)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Don, if bad nerves and boldness causes you to go "deeper and deeper" than that's not a bad combination!

Strongblkwmn said...

I inherited my father's creativity, love for sports and music,listening and advice giving skills, people sense, short fuse, and inability to deal with b.s. or fake people.

I inherited my mother's ability to regulate a situation, caring nature, sensitivity, need for space (we don't like people we don't know all up in our space), wanting to do everything for everyone (at times at the expense of ourselves), and loyalty to the people we care about.

Stacye said...

OH MY GOD! My twin sister...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! I knew we connected like we did for a reason, our spirits were reaching out for each other.

My Mom...her understanding and gentleness. Her appetite for reading...her willingness to stop and listen and her HUGS!

My father...his temper and organization (temper/not something I talk about, but it's there)like you everything has to have it's place and everything must be clean!

WOW, we found each other!