Friday, July 25, 2008

Lets talk about sex

I am only speaking for myself and not about any one person. You are adults and the “choice” is absolutely, undoubtedly yours and yours alone. However, once you decide, you can’t go back. And that very sentence takes me back to my youth and my first encounter. I wish I could say that he was my first love but he wasn’t. Although it resulted in the birth of my daughter, it was a very toxic relationship. I knew very little about him and his history or past. I was 17 at the time but that was no excuse, or was it?

Who talked to you about sex? I was listening to 105.1 FM yesterday and a young girl was saying how she has made the decision to save herself until marriage and how difficult it is in her age group but not impossible. The peer pressure in her school alone is a struggle, not to mention the rest of society. How mature of her to say that it is difficult but not impossible.

Marianne Williamson says in her book, A Woman’s Worth, “We will not be free until we can speak our minds and our hearts.” She went on to say that she knows a woman who wears a thin gold chain around her waist, under her clothes with a charm bearing the inscription Priceless. How awesome is that? It constantly reminds her of her inestimable value.


Stacye said...
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Stacye said...

So many of the children of this society know very little about the importance of abstinence. In the days of old mothers wouldn't tell their children anything about sex and we as the next generation of elders must tell our children the truth. We all pray that our children abstain but the truth is that at least 40% of them are going to go their own way and engage in sexual intercourse. Most of the time it's those who engage and aren't prepared for the consequences that are forced to become mothers at ages that would have astonished our ancestors. The truth must be shared with our children and young adults.