Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cancer girls "ROCK"

I don’t know about you but I love birthdays! I love to reflect back on the previous year and see what I did or didn’t do with the past 365 days. I must say that I have grown tremendously. Although life’s journey is what you make it, I can say that emotionally, physically and spiritually I have soared to new heights. I’ve never laughed so loudly, smiled so brightly and walked with such confidence. And not to sound vain, but I’ve never felt so sexy. The sexy part didn’t come easy. It took a lot of mental work but I’ve finally made peace with this 43 approaching 44 year old body. There was a time when I would look in the mirror and on any given day, pick a flaw that no one saw but me. Now that I look back, maybe it was the “Mirror” (lol). Anyway, I’m so over that phase of my life. Now I have new mirrors, each one says the same thing….”girl you’re GORGEOUS”. Now embracing the gray hair is another story all its own. Oh, I almost forgot, it’s my baby’s birthday too! People say we look alike but I disagree, I'm taller ;-)
HAPPY JULY! (Love, peace and birthday cake)


Anonymous said...

I'm Sorry I missed wishing you both (you and the baby) a Happy Birthday, I'm sure it was a blast and you both made it an adventure to remember.

Stay positive and blessed in him.

Lots of Love and Blessing to you and the baby.

Free spirited butterfly said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Don't be sorry, forgivness lives in me ;-)