Thursday, July 10, 2008

Are you surrounded by Calm or Clutter?

Wouldn't it be great to work from home?

Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by all the things that they love and all the comforts of home? After waking up with God's Amazing Grace, I would say my prayers, head for the shower (maybe), put on my favoirte pair of silk pajamas and go downstairs for a hot cup of coffee. Afterward, I'd pour a bowl of cereal (I've already mentioned in previous posts that I don't cook) and then I would begin my work day. There would be no telephones, all communications would go through e-mail. I would work from my extended kitchen. Seated at a thick black wood based table covered with a 42” round glass top. Of course I had to add my personal touches by placing inspirational cards, phrases and pictures underneath. All the windows would be open with the sun shinning brightly through along with the gentle summer’s breeze. The view of the neighborhood pond straight ahead would occasionally draw my attention to the images of people jogging or children riding their bikes. To my left is a view of my backyard with my bright white fence, gorgeous green grass and a beautiful patio that I rarely enjoy. The lack of trees has caused the sun to take up residence there and I have temporarily surrendered that space (at least until I get a decent estimate from Sun Setters retractable awning) In the mean time, I chose to compensate by adding a five layered outdoor fountain where the sounds of the water flowing is like poetry to my ears. And to my right is a partial view of my cul-de-sac where the kids are enjoying their summer break because school is out. (Ahhh to be a kid again) And just like clock work, the mailman arrives at 1:00pm which lets me know it’s almost quitting time. The only distraction would be Max pacing back and forth from the hardwood foyer to the ceramic tiled kitchen letting me know that he’s bored and wants to go for his walk. Which I give in to because right now my life is all about the D O G! I forgot to mention that on my lunch hour, I would go the gym which is located in my basement. I have all the comforts of Bally's at my fingertips, except the male eye candy to keep me motivated. With that being said, in between my sets, I would put a load of laundry from the washing machine into the dryer.

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