Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Try one of these and make your heart smile!

Have someone push you in the shopping cart
Try flying a kite; it isn’t as easy as it looks
Go to the neighborhood playground. I love the swings
Play in the sandbox or the kiddy pool
Do you have coloring books and crayons? I do
Do you have a favorite doll? Remember paper dolls?
Do you have any board games? I do
Put together a butterfly puzzle & frame it!
Do you have a bike? Ride a friend on the handlebars
Try to skateboard or roller skate
Do you have a jump rope? I do
Visit the local arcade
Turn off the soaps and watch cartoons
Do you have jacks? I do
Skip the veggies and eat junk food
Have a sleep over and stay up all night
Camp out back w/sleeping bags & roast marshmellows
Sing like you wrote the song
Do you have a karaoke machine? I do
Dance like no one is watching!
Call in sick and have some fun, just pray you don't run into you BOSS! (lol)


Anonymous said...

We all have a big kid inside us. It's the one thing from time to time that makes being adult not too bad. Having fun doing the small things: kicking a can, splashing in a puddle of water, reading a comic book, etc. Things that kids do are fun, and the responsibilty and stress well, it's never there. So yes, go swinging on a swing, playing in the rain, racing with the shopping cart, because when I do these things, and when others look, I know they are saying, "I wish I was doing that, because he's having a ball"! If not who cares because as long as I care about myself, and still love others, what do I have to lose by letting go and have FUN!

Free spirited butterfly said...

Thank you for your comment and mentioning some things that I love but forgot. Before I cared about my hair, I played in the rain. I still stand on colorful oil spills after the rain and make a wish. It's just oil to others but it's a rainbow to me. Peace & Blessings!

Standing Able said...

Hey, once again you've touched the core of many. Great stress relievers. Can you imagine a world full of responsible adults who knew how to handle business and still have fun...WOW what a world that would be. The word "TRY" to me means "To Restrict Yourself!" Lets stop restricting ourselves from living the life God has planned for us. Live as humbly as you can and feel as free as a butterfly and watch your life unfold...positively!