Friday, June 27, 2008

My mental health day...

It started with my morning prayer at 5:30. I kept the positive energy flowing by going into my greeting card office (my happy place) to make a card for my baby sister’s birthday and a card for my friend’s mom who is also a cancer. It sure is nice to go into the next room to make my very own cards as oppose to going to the store and reading through an assortment of cards until one speaks to me. Next I walked my baby around the neighborhood until his panting drowned out the bird’s song. It was in deed a glorious morning. The breeze was just right and the sun and the moon escorted us as we walked along the pond. After our walk, I headed out to embrace the world. Something I rarely do on my day off. I got my morning coffee from Dunkin Donuts and headed to Jiffy Lube. I was going to put it off but decided that I could edit my book while I waited. I’m so glad that I went because I met the most interesting young lady. We realized that we had a lot of similarities. She lives in my neighborhood and she is also in her 40s. She’s looking for a motorcycle and has 3 dogs. She is single and loves to play golf; something I have on my list of things to do. After I left the cleaners, I went to one of my favorite spots for some broccoli cheddar soup and a great side salad. I worked on my book some more and I swear each time I read something in it, I feel like someone is writing through me. I wanted to get some chocolate almonds to take to the theater with me so I headed to blockbusters and picked up 2 movies while I was there. I thought I would mix it up a bit and give Law and Order a rest. I don’t do much TV but when I do, I love the L&O marathons and the Food Channel. Before I went to my matinee I stopped by the mall and picked up a birthday gift for my sister. While I was there I decided to get an early one for myself. Although I’m a July baby, those shoes may not be there next month. I love how I can be in and out of the mall in a matter of minutes. I’ve never been one to go from store to store looking for who knows what. I situated myself right in the center of the movie theater like always and “Sex in the City” went great with my mixture of popcorn and chocolate almonds. I never watched the series on TV but I loved the plot of this movie. “Don’t let society label you and don’t let your fears rule your life.” (That’s what I got from it but others may have gotten something different). After the movie, I stopped by the store and picked up a miniature bottle of my favorite wine and went home to rest a bit. The sun was having its way with my eyelids and I needed to rejuvenate myself before I went to my 6:30 bible study. By nightfall I was safe and sound and on my knees thanking God for another day and another chance to get it right. You know he doesn’t just do that for me. Each day everyone is afforded the opportunity to embrace life and give it your best shot. He does not want perfection as much as he wants obedience. But it’s of your own free will.

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