Wednesday, August 19, 2015

North Beach Meets Michigan

Took my gran-girls to Life Action Camp in Michigan and the butterflies would not leave me alone.  It is an #awesome Christian Ministry and it was an #awesome week of loving fellowship!  This #gorgeous girl was stuck in the sand and of course God used me to rescue her.  Yes me, a former caterpillar :-)

He has a plan for every moment of our lives and one of my moments was to meet and save this beautiful creature.  I was supposed to go in June and it didn't work out.  So I switched my date to the week of August 1st.  He knew exactly why I needed to be there! #Psalm 139:16 


SLC said...

Hey sis. I still have all of your blogs bookmarked. Wisdom is timeless.
Love from Virgina,

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Love you! Thank you for visiting! Haven't given up the hope in my heart to fellowship together! He's working on something! I just know He is.
I met another Denise Michelle Fuller last year by searching the net and we're meeting for the first time next month!! Super excited! You're next :-)