Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yesterday I Cried

It sounds cliche' and even strange for me to say in my "line of work."  But yesterday started off the same...crime reports, conference calls and prep for meetings.  It was loud, busy, multi tasked and business as usual.

And then, (again...in my line of work) all HELL broke loose.  We were in the midst of an all out war against the enemy.  SATAN is still on attack!  In his sick and twisted mindset, he thinks he's going to reign over Jesus.

He tried yesterday, here in our Nation's Capital. 

It was a horrific and emotion filled day as 13 people were killed at the Navy Yard.  The atmosphere was full of fear, uncertainty, confusion, distress, tragedy, and UNITY.  Law Enforcement Officers from all over came together and the training and wisdom kicked in just like clock work.  It was indeed a "put your life on the line" kind of day and I cried.

We worked ALL DAY LONG and I kept thinking about God during the midst of my duties.  I kept repeating, "God is still God."  I'd look up, quote scripture and remember His promises.  Strange to say, but as we were moving from one building to another, I noticed the sun setting and it was beautiful.  "Yes, He's still there." I told myself.

And on the way home, I talked with Him in the car and cried.  I cried this morning and I'm sure I'll cry some more.  It was UGLY.  What that man did was an UGLY cowardly thing to do...but GOD is still God and He is still in control and He is BEAUTIFUL.

My prayers to the victims, their families, my colleagues, and Our Nation.


Moanerplicity said...

Ugliness, indeed. Sad, without a doubt. But evil? I'm not so sure. Not unless we can define mental illness as evil.

There's a HUGE difference between a diseased mind or a warped perception & being infected by a cancerous form of hatred towards other as a cold-hearted terrorist or sociopathic killer would be.

It’s so sad that something of this horrible a magnitude has to happen to open our eyes to the damage the mentally ill among us can do.

No self-promotion here, but this just happens to be the main theme in my latest book… i.e.: people tend to ignore mental illness in others, then tragic isht happens & then we can no longer ignore it.

China, my friend, I hope YOU are okay, or at least approaching a state okay-ness & not suffering too profoundly from the after effects of such sudden violence & its accompanying sadness.

I pray for the victims & the families of all those who were touched by this sad, sad tragedy.


One Love.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I completely understand your point of view. Here in the "city" we had one of our biggest "Mental" facilities close down due to polictical and financial reasons...thus leaving many untreated and wondering about "per se" Refusing to see the "need" for assisting these individuals to lead "normal" lives, that's evil and greed...
We spend money on so many things in this Country and at times, it hardly seems like the right things.

Guess out of my anger and frustration and "emotions..." I'm venting.

This too shall pass...


A Lady's Life said...

This is what makes me mad. Life is hard as it is. People do not believe in God and those who do, are confused most times because evil has entered God's house.But worst of all, they sit there promoting drugs, when society is already suffering from depression and mental illness due to pollution war, etc... These people all sit behind wheels of cars and even going out to buy a bottle of milk today is exasperating. When you talk and tell others to speak up they don't, until bad things happen and then the TV and newspapers are full of it.Society only has itself to blame when people die.I cry every day looking out at the world.
But so what.I talk but someone has to hear and listen.It's simple.
Just 10 sentences in the 10 commandments. You know, today people don't even understand what it means when they say honor thy father and thy mother? They think to honor is not to show them the bad things they do.This according to them, is called respect. Takes a Bible to teach them what words mean and if they don't read it......

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

They can believe or not, but the day of Judgement is REAL.

Love you and thank you for your insight and wisdom.