Thursday, June 27, 2013

We Are One!

Last night I was washing dishes in the church kitchen when a young lady came in and said that she really appreciated all the work that we'd done.  I was quick to say that I hadn't done anything.  There were tons of people in there cooking and I was not one of them.

I always gravitate toward washing the dishes or serving the food.  You seriously don't want me to prepare a meal for you. Lol

And soon after I'd said that, my sister Sharon told me something that I already knew and something that I tell my daughter all the time. "For in fact the body is not one member but many." 1 Corinthians 12:14.

I am an encourager.  I have known this well before I took the on-line spiritual gift test.  But, in the big scheme of things...I have always been one to give great advice, comfort and support others wholeheartedly.  However, I still find it difficult to accept compliments and say a simple thank you when people tell me how great I am, how much they appreciate me and how being around me is so uplifting.

I know that I'm making a difference and I love helping others.  We were indeed created for fellowship.  We each do have a special and unique gift to share with the Universe.  If we're fortunate enough...we have more than one gift.

I am "fortunate!" 

Guess what?  So are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am putting my writing skills to work each and every day, I love to clean, love to organize, love to send out "greeting cards."  Seriously, all of my money goes toward Hallmark and postage stamps. Lol

I love to run errands for seniors and I love to surprise people with gifts: Big and small...just because.

I love to tell someone when they've done a great job!  My detectives just LOVE me!!!

I love when the Lord uses me to meet a need that someone has and the timing was so perfect.

I love knowing that I have people in my life that I can trust.  So not who I used to be.
Example:  I was running late this morning and locked my keys inside my condo.  I had to go next door and wake my neighbor to get my spare key.  The old me would be still "waiting" on the locksmith. Lol

I say all that to say, "Together, we are one!"  I hope that you are putting your talents and gifts out into your community and that you are in fellowship with others.  We are not meant to be isolated.

I am introverted by nature, but spreading love is indeed my life's purpose!

LOVE ya!


A Lady's Life said...

Funny I used to be like you.
I kinda lost my Christianity and now just write papers and a blog because I see there is a need to keep the good fight going. I understand how hard it must be for God and why they crucified him for being good. No one likes good people except for what they can get from them.
I understand why the devil always wins in this world.
No matter what you do he comes in and tears it apart.
People seem to care more for what he stands for than what God stands for. You say drugs are bad and they answer drugs are good and faster. Yup. Faster to kill
It gets to be a lonely world against such powers that be and it seems to be going into a bad direction.
Enjoy what makes you happy but be careful to also protect yourself.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I love you sweet friend for telling me to be careful. I pray that the Lord will keep me safe and give me daily wisdom as I go about my gift of spreading joy!

I'm like you with the blogging. I don't know how to not write. And seeking compliments and comments is not what I'm after. Some people love to cook, paint, sew, dance, sing, etc...

Writing is what I do. I get it in daily with emails, journaling, devotion, poetry or letters to God.

You're so right about the evil one. He is relentless and so sneaky, deceitful and manipulating. He had me fooled for many years. He is after the family structure and won't stop until he has convinced the lost souls that they don't need God.

The battle in my day to day career choice is so evident of where our society is going and living near the Nation's Capitol has shown me that the government is surely operating on self morals and nothing written from God's word.

The end is surely near and I have no doubt whatsoever that I will be in Heaven while the evil doers burn in Hell.

Love you and keep blogging. I love your wisdom, humor, family stories and poetry!

A Lady's Life said...

butterfly = I too think it is not going in a good direction.
Life is good. It is the ultimate experience.
This is why we fight for it .
We cant imagine anything other.
But the more we learn, the more we see there is an other.
11 others to be more specific and maybe even more we dont know about.
Its an amazing reality we are living in. :)

Moanerplicity said...

You know what, CD? After reading this, methinks you & I were probably separated at burf. Seriously. Half the time it was like reading about myself... Well... except for the Hallmark card thingy. That feels like a rip off, when the writer in me can, has, will & shall continue to send personalized greetings to those I care for.

All I can suggest here is that you keep doing exactly what you've been doing... BE the Blessing that you were meant/created to be, & those Blessings will/& most likely HAVE come back to you!



A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

My Lady,
Life is good indeed! My heart truly goes out to those who miss the beauty in it!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

It is a rip off and I'm hoping to get in on it. Lol
Praying and planning to sell some of my greeting card phrases. I used to make and sell personalized greeting cards before I moved to the beach. I no longer have an offices ace and have recently been inspired to make them again.

You're right, the blessings have come back repeatedly and so unexpectedly.

Love your entire response and I thank you my friend!!!

CD :-)

Moanerplicity said...

Oh, cool. Again, we are simpatico. Very enterprising of you... AND... I might add, something that would seem tailor-made for you & your abilities. Just let a brotha know when you need another poetic greeting card voice in the mix. *smiles*