Saturday, June 22, 2013

Against The Grain

Since living on the beach, I have seen many things

One in particular that has yet to change the way we live

I've noticed that the ducks and the seagulls do not play together

Usually one group is in the water and the other on the sand

There is no mingling, no eye contact or even innocent flirting

It's like there's some unspoken code amongst the two

"You do your thing and we'll do ours"

As I continually watch, day after day, even with

Binoculars close at hand...waiting and hoping

Hoping for one or all to break the barrier

To gather together as one unified force

Blend in and fraternize as if they've always known

Always cared and will always come to the aid of

Or defense of the other…if it ever came to that

I have that one question on my list of many questions to

Ask The Father when I see Him

"Why don't the ducks and the seagulls get along?"

And just as my sleepy eyes come into focus

I see something white and bright at the edge of

The shoreline… just where the water and the sand collide

"Could it be, is that what I think it is?"

Yes, it's a little baby seagull playing "dodge the waves"

Right there in the midst of about six little ducklings...

It never will be kids and have no idea whatsoever

That they are not "supposed" to mix with someone

Who is not of "their kind"

They will innocently play together as long as you allow

Them and are simply clueless as ever about the "social etiquette”

At least until some stupid grownup comes along and steals

Their joy...telling them that "their different" and that they

are not supposed to associate with "those" kind”


Moanerplicity said...

That's a very observant & telling thing you've witnessed, China.

It's interesting because it brings to mind that old adage "Birds of feather flock together." Obviously there's some truth to this...

And yet, on a larger scale, it speaks to the way we earthlings tend to separate & segregate ourselves from one another, unless we are too young to discern any difference(s).

Maybe the young are infinitely smarter, more open minded & more enriched w/ an innate sense of fairness.

I wonder of that trait follows the same way in the animal kingdom as I've seen videos of different species being playful, loving & protective of the other.



A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I have been watching them for almost 2 years and whenever there is a storm, the seagulls completely take over the beach and the ducks take shelter. And on a clear day, it's the total opposite.

I saw a movie called "Earth" once and it was the most amazing film I'd seen about the many species that we share the earth with.

Love and peace,
China Doll

btw: loving the book :-)