Sunday, April 28, 2013

31 Days Outside The Box

Although I am a free spirited butterfly, my life is pretty predictable. I have had some amazing moments where “my wings” took flight and soared higher than I ever thought possible. Wow! What memories!!!

Now that Spring has sprung, it is truly my time of the year…followed by summer, of course. I just love being in a season in which everything seems possible. My little antennas perk up :-)

Believe it or not, since the 10th of April, I have seen 149 butterflies. Yep! It’s true. Whenever I see one, I jot it down. And yesterday, I saw a total of 25. Indeed my BLISS :-)

I watched a movie a couple of weeks ago and I have been inspired to go outside of my comfort zone. I am willing to try some things that I’ve never tried before. Nothing too big-at least not yet. (But then never know what the day will bring).

For the month of May, I have challenged myself to do one thing different everyday.
I’m calling it “31 Days Outside The Box.”

I’m super excited to see what unfolds. So far, 4 people are joining me. Everyday I want to explore something new. However slight…I want to try something that will take me outside my comfort zone.  Even if it's just tasting something...wearing something...or going someplace...I want to give it a try.

I’m certain that my journal will be filled with so many epiphany moments. 
My energy level is super high and I can hardly wait to get started.

I will not be blogging as I will be busy fluttering about and taking full advantage of this new season. So whenever you see a butterfly, smile and think of me, and perhaps she will inspire you to do something you wouldn’t normally do.

Life is short. Shake it up a bit :-)

Love, peace and blessings


Moanerplicity said...

You DO inspire. Already you've made me consider some things I had never pondered before. That's both a Gift & a Blessing.

You count butterflies. I've been counting bumble bee sightings. 10 thus far, over the weekend.

Hmmm...Try something different everyday...




A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hi Lin,

YOU sure do know how to get a smile out of me. I love to inspire :-)

I just came back from a meeting and two more of my friends have joined me, including you, we're up to 7!

Yay! Come on May 1st....let's get this party started. Lol

Love for a great day!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Oooops, I forgot to ask you about the significance in the "bumble bees."

And strangely enough, I haven't seen any.

*ponders* :-)

Moanerplicity said...

Maybe it stems from that classic Ali expression: "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."


I think, in terms of business & in my life in general, I have been guilty of floating (i.e.: blissfully & ignorantly going around trusting in people & in providence,) so now, I am infinitely more attentive, aware, assertive, & more aggressively seeking my own personal happiness.

AND... in the meanwhile, my b.s. detector & my stinger are in full effect.

That's it. That's all. :-)



A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I understand completely!

BTW: the challenge begins at midnight :-)

Pray that in the next 31days something beautiful and unexpected crosses your path!


Myriam said...

Hi there darling one....
It's been a while since I visited or check anything on the world wide web for that matter but you are always on my mind.
The text messages are God sent so many times.
Butterflies - wow - they can't wait to flutter their wings just to show off for you. I've long already associated you with butterflies. I see one anywhere - you immediately come to mind.
Curious how the love for butterflies started.
Love you dearly!!!

Moanerplicity said...

Greetings, China Doll:

Happy Mother's, Moms, Big Mama's, Mami's, Mamacita's, Mumsy's, & Baby Mama's Day to YOU, My Friend! :D




A Lady's Life said...

Happy Mothers Day Butterfly

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Myriam, I can only say that God was slowly leading toward the light. I never really had a fascination or obsession with them that I can recall. And how strange that about a year or so before my marriage ended, I bought a motorcycle. My first instinct was to get a butterfly on the tank.

And over time, the passion grew more and more toward the Monarch. One day just before created my blog, I googled butterfly stories and, lo' and behold, I came out of my cocoon :-)

Now, everyone at Church, work, family and friends shower me over and over with butterfly gifts. It's truly
insane :-)
Praying that we can see one another in July!
Love you!!!!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hey Lin,

That's for think'n bout me -:)
So appreciated!!!!!!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hi ther My Lady :-)

Happy Mother's Day to you also!
Going stop by your blog for a brief visit!

Moanerplicity said...

Hey China,

Just checking in on ya. How you doin? Hoping all is well, peaceful & Blessed with you & yours. You are most definitely missed here in Blogger-ville.

SJ, My Friend!



A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hi there Lin.

SO appreciate the LOVE!

Life is still grand on this end.

Just being so adorable self :-)

I missed blogging and checking out who's doing what...

Can't wait to hear what's happening with my fellow poet and Author!

Love for a great day!
China Doll