Sunday, January 13, 2013

Comfortable "feels" so safe...

"A characteristic of our comfort zones is that they have restraints. We will only go: so far in loving; so far in serving; so far in forgiving; so far in ministering; so far in witnessing; so far in giving; so far in sacrificing; so far in supporting and encouraging each other; so far in submissiveness; so far in our struggles against the spiritual forces of wickedness." ~Mark King

Sometimes when we read the words "go" (Mark16:15) or "follow Me" (Mark 1:17), we might put restraints on those words, but what might happen if we begin to take those words to heart?

Read the scriptures above today with an open heart to God's leading. What is God speaking to you?

I have to comfort zone was so "warm and fuzzy" but was boring and predictable.  Since I've surrendered to His voice and calling, I'm completely exhausted and having the time of my life!!!!

Sent w/love


WynnSong said...

I do have a tendency to get uncomfortable when thing get out of my daily ritual.....but I'm working on it and getting there. Thanks for the quote and scripture....

You might resend the fb invite by the way. I thought I remembered seeing it but it's gone now....Thanks

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Uncomfortable is "normal." I get that way most times.

But to stay "in the comfort" and never take risk...sad to say for most people, that's the just of their lives.

My baby sister is being stretched to do something very uncomfortable...but lucky for her, I tried it first and am coaching her through it.

There is always someone who went first...Lol

Love and peace

A Lady's Life said...

I tend to agree. There are only so many hours in a day lol
Enjoy yours butterfly :)

Myriam said...

Comfort - we all love it but seldom grow until stretched a little. I, for one, am a creature of habit. I do not like to be put in any situation that is outside of my comfort zone. As a very private, and introvert type - getting outside of my comfort zone is not something that I am fond of but slowly trying especially this year of 2013.

Much love

Moanerplicity said...

That first comment by Mark King really resonated with me. I think far too often my zones (comfort & otherwise) have been compromised, trespassed against, been taken liberty of, and sometimes just plain disrespected. But having stated that, I must then accept at least part of the blame for for any of it. Thus, I, like you, & all the rest, remain a work in progress.

Very, VERY, VURRR enlightening post once again, China Doll.



p.s. Thanks for the early natal day wishes. It's actually the 18th. :-)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

If we were "all" not a work in progress, there would be no need for Him.

Have a wonderful day celebrating your birth.

Love and peace

Don said...

In my heart of hearts I don't believe or want to believe that God is finished with either of us, yet. I believe His purpose extends far beyond the flesh.

Stimulating read, FSB.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

It does indeed Don.

The FLESH is just the "vessel" His has chosen to manifest our greatness.

We are here for so much more than an ordinary life. But sadly, most of us will never fulfill His purpose because of that very word (flesh) and because of fear.

Love for a great day!