Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The sound of fear

i can hear you
your subtle promises
your daydreams of tomorrow

i can hear you
your longings exposed
your arms stretched out

i can hear you
your heart beats in echo
your destiny fulfilled

i can hear me
moments of regret
a sorrowful good-bye


A Lady's Life said...

ooooh a bit of melancholy here.
Live life with no regrets. Just let it go.

A Lady's Life said...

I love the determination poem.:)

Don said...

Do you believe that such a romance would lead to heartache. While reading your prose I thought about the poem I wrote entitled Destiny Fulfilled where I pondered the question of women who appear involved with good men ... Yet somehow they remain reluctant to believe as much.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

My Lady, you are indeed a treasure, visiting me in my secret places :)

Don, I don't believe that at all. I just wished that I could convince myself that I'm ready to "surrender" to it.

Regarding your poem, if the man is patient, she will begin to believe. Not ALL, but a lot of men give up too fast. Like good wine, we need the time to process into our full potential.

Don said...

Time...I will keep that in my mind within my personal life.