Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my 20th Anniversary on the Police Department. Five more years and I get to be a civilian like most of you. "Yippee!" I have not one single plan in place, I trust in the Lord with all my heart!

I want to say that if it weren't for my career choice, I would not have met Ms. Rosa. She is my BFF and is 94 years young. We met while I was on duty over 6 years ago and we have a bond that will never break. I told her that if she got to heaven first that she would have to save me a seat. Soon after I said that, we both burst into laughter. I'll never forget it.

Have a happy day!
Love, peace and blessings


Mizrepresent said...

Happy Anniversary Lady! Continue to do good things...well i know you will! Be blessed we appreciate you:)

SLC said...

Hey Sis!
Happy Anniversary.

Solomon said...

Congratulations on your anniversary and a warm Hello to your BFF Ms. Rosa. What a blessing to have such a wonderful person in your life.

A Lady's Life said...

She looks very well preserved for a lady in her 90's. lol
God bless her for another 20 years at least. Thats the worst thing about making nice friends like this is that we never know when we are going to lose them.
I know, cause I have lost plenty. But then I lost many my own age group and younger. They died at 12 18 27 30
40 50 and 77 89.
I always feel proud when people live long. It makes you feel good cause you know someone whose been around longer and knows more is still ahead of you and has something to say more than you do.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Happy Friday Family and thank you for the warm wishes and loving comments.

Only by God's Grace!

Love, peace and continued blessings in your lives, careers and deepest desires.

Delight in Him and He will fulfill them according to His will! ;-)

Don said...

Love the spirit of this post and I can only imagine the great conversations that are born from sitting and talking with such an elderly woman.

Oh, you must be one of the good police? Lol.

Happy Anniversary!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Praying that everyone had a joyous and meaningful Thanksgiving!

Don - How can I have joy in my heart and not be "Officer Friendly?"

If I had my way, I'd sign the kids up for Salvation as opposed to Juvenile Detention!

Love to all!

Strongblkwmn said...

Beautiful! I know i'm late, but happy anniversary.