Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Old things have past away...

Yesterday, my son found it absolutely incredible that I gave up TV. He could not believe that I was no longer watching Oprah. It's going on 5 months now and it really didn't dawn on me until he mentioned it... "What - I gave up Oprah?" In the past, she was my BFF for an entire hour. Anyone who knows me, knew that I was unavailable from 4-5. I had this friend who would try to call me about 3:57, just to say hello before she came on. Now that's too funny, when you know someone like that.

But anyway, I write this post to say that I haven't completely given up TV or even Oprah, I just have not had the desire to watch it or her. I have truly mastered the ART of being still. It has come with age, wisdom, pain, forgiveness, journaling and most importantly, HIS grace. I would not trade the journey for anything in this world. HE has truly lead me to a place where for moments and even days at a time, only HE and I exist.

I especially love it when I find a park or lake and HIS glory is so obvious, it simple takes my breath away. It has caused me to create a another journal titled, "What's happening right now?" I sit with HIM and in the stillness, I look and listen for things that are currently happening around me. Not only is it very interesting, it's fun.

Try it. It can be anything from a buzzing noise, to rush hour traffic, to a sweet bird singing to a lawn mower mowing. And then in the midst of that, the sun rises, the clouds move and the water ripples... Absolutely incredible. SO much better than this face paced, rat race most of society has chosen to participate in.

As for me, I'm slowing it down and it feels wonderful.

Just wanted to share.
Make it a great day in the Lord.
Love, peace and blessings
Free Spirit Butterfly


A Lady's Life said...

I used to love Oprah until she got up and said she was took up the Muslim faith and then I lost interest.
But then she had an episode on how they cut the female genitals in Africa and that was the first time I heard of such an atrocity. So inhumane and plain backwardness not to mention an assault on another person.God already created the perfect person and you are born the way you are meant to be.
In any event. Any changes to your body have to come from you not someone else.:(

Solomon said...

I gave up the TV years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. Now I occasionally look and see what others are glued to the TV watching ans all I can do is shake my head wondering why anyone would even watch such nonsense.

I like nothing better than sitting and being at one with the Lord. I remember in years past before I knew the Lord I couldn't sit still for five minutes. Always had to have the TV or the stereo on.

Now just like you have said, I can sit of hours or even days and just hang out with the Lord. What a blessing.

It is amazing because in the last six months I have sat down a dew times in front of the TV and tried to watch it and I just can no longer do it. I have completely deprogrammed myself from the TV to the point of being unable to watch anything that is on.

Some might say, what about the news? The news on TV is so negative all the time that I just don't even bother. There is very little that is worth watching.

Another great message!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

GM My Lady and Solomon. Happy Wednesday. My Lady, I'll have to google that, I did not know that about her and I'm a bit curious. As for that episode, I saw and felt it at the same time. How truly devastating.... And how sad that we, here in the US take such things for granted (too many to list here!)

Solomon, you are so right, I've tried to turn it on when I'm in the kitchen to keep me company while preparing a meal and I just lost interest. It was nonsense and way tooooo loud ;-)

Being w/the Lord is my new comfort zone!

Make it a great day!
Love and hugs,

Z said...

You're an incredible woman.

I'm in the process of cutting down the amount TV I watch. It really is a challenge since I truly LOVE movies. :)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

GM Ms. Z. what an awesome compliment. I have faith that you can do it. Just pick your favorite movie and turn the rest of the "stuff" off ;-)

What a pleasant surprise to have to stop by.

Thank everyone for stopping by, even if it's only for a moment or two. Especially, the Spam people!
They need love too ;-)

Love, peace and prayers for a Happy Sunday!

I'm off but I brought some work home. It's not difficult to do when I think about all the unemployement Americans out there looking for something, anything!

Only by HIS grace, we are "still" here!