Friday, August 13, 2010

Max is in Doggie Heaven

Good bye my friend

No foot steps
No barking
No droplets of pee

No growling
No panting
No bothering me

No begging
No drooling
No wanting what's mine

No worrying
No sickness
God said, "It's your time."

No crying
No sorrow
No wishing you were here

No Cancer
No sadness
No more living in fear

No exhaustion
No chains
No "Baby what's wrong?"

No injections
No prescriptions
Your spirit has passed on

Close your eyes and drift off to sleep
No leash to hold you, you’re finally at peace

I love you Max, I always will
In my heart, you're with me still

7/18/2000 - 8/12/2010


PAK ART said...

I have sorrow for you. Even though he's no longer suffering, he will still be missed I'm sure. My loving Panda is going though seizures and other problems right now. We think brain tumor and I may be facing your same decision. I love my dog.

T said...

Max is in heaven he's with the lord his body is gone but he's a spirit in form.
I can imagine that losing a pet is like losing a good friend or even a family member, I know he's in a better place and feeling like free spirit butterfly. All of your sadness and grief will soon be smiles and good memories.
May peace be with you!!
He was a precious doggie!!

Love T, Jazz, & Ty

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Patty, it is sweet sorrow if there is such a thing. I'm happy for his peace and feeling sorrow for my loss. It's just the selfish side of humans to want to hold on to "something, someone..."

I thank the Lord that I've been spending lots of time with HIM, otherwise, someone would have had to come and get me yesterday when I received the news. But GOD is amazing, because I drove myself to Borders and Safeway and then went home and quietly cried myself to sleep.

And here we are, a brand new day!

My darling T.
I think that this is your first post and I'm so happy to see that you all signed in ;-)

Love you girls more than I could ever say and will see you in the morning.

I'm smiling here and there without even realizing it. He was a family member, and he was truly my best friend. He loved me and did not expect anything in return. That made me love him all the more.

I just miss him so much right now, but you know me and my camera, I have at least 100 photos in my scrapbook of him, doing absolutely nothing but "loving life." ;-)

Love, peace and prayers for me as well as you all!

Free spirit butterfly

A Lady's Life said...

Oh I am so sorry Butterfly :(
I think this must be the year for animals to move on. So many said good bye this year to their loyal pets.
I had exactly the same dog named Max and he was truly the best friend a gal could have.If your Max was like mine I am crying with you today.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning beautiful Lady and dear friend of mine. I'm so touched by your message. He was indeed my "little man."

Some people like to take the "doggie years" and multiply them and then say, "Oh he was old, it was his time..." To me, he was simply 10 and too young ;-)

My home is so quiet and empty without him, I'm praying that soon my heart will smile, but just for now I'm sad.

I know it's a choice to move on and I will, but I just miss my friend.

I use to pretend that I was sleep and he would come and lick me, demanding attention. He was truly the "boss" of me ;-)

Thanks for visiting and thanks for your support during my loss.

Love, China

Standing Able said...

Oh my sweet Butterfly...I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Max. I know that your heart is broken and that it's so very quiet without him, but you said it best "No worrying, No sickness" God said, "It's your time." You're doing what is best and that's spending time with the Father and letting Him surround you and love on you just as Max a matter of fact He'll love on you more!

May the spirit of Max live on!

Love Ya Sis!

SLC said...

Good morning sis.
I'm sorry for your loss, and I'm also sorry for not keeping up with my blog family; especially my big sister. I'll be praying for you and with you and I hope to see you later this year. Until then receive this cyber hug.


And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Nadege said...

May he rest in peace. You were
blessed to have such a sweet
and loyal companion.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning and thank you Ms. Stacye, Mr Samuel and Poetess Nadege. Your support means more to me than you know.

His spirit lives on and his hair is still lingering throughout the house ;-)

Love and peace for a great day in the Lord!