Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random thoughts

This post was inspired by a new blogger friend. Rich Fitzgerald.

I was a little distracted at work today because he recently visited my blog and I because I wanted to return the favor, I was hooked. Then I got frustrated because I hate it when I happen upon a blog and there's not enough time in a day, week or month to read all the past post. For example, my new friend Sherry from Phoneix. We have developed quite the friendship because the Lord sent me to pray for her niece Amy.

You know I've decided not to blog on my days off, so I'm just posting a few random thoughts in no particular order....

I am currently in love with Langston Hughes. A friend of mine just purchased one of his books of Poetry as a gift to me and I've been sleeping with it. (smile) There is a restaurant in DC called Busboys and Poets, dedicated to him. To be there is a feeling I can't explain. It probably wouldn't give you the same euphoria unless you're passionate about Poetry too.

I'm currently posting this as I listen to the First 48 in the background. I'm somewhat addicted. I can watch that, CSI and NCIS over and over again. It came a point where I gave up TV for a while because as you know, we don't want the Lord to get jealous. (smile) How strange that I've been in Law Enforcement for almost 19 years and can come home and watch it on TV???

I'd much rather be on a date. Candle light, some really great seafood and a view of the ocean. But once again, in my line of work. Sleep is a love affair that comes before any offer to take me out on the town. However, as a woman; I reserve the right to change my mind. (lol)

Speaking of being a woman. I have been showing off at work lately. Wearing skirts and pumps and girly stuff like that. Some of my detectives are taking a second look at me, as if I hadn't noticed. I usually wear the power suits; mostly gray, black and brown. But something in me is slowly starting to feel pretty, sexy and powerful. I truly believe when you start getting your swagger on or feeling yourself so to speak; it's something that's always been on the inside. "She" just reveals herself when the timing is right. (just me thinking out loud)

Speaking of thinking out loud. Most of you know that I've been the A/Lt. at work since January of this year and it has really taken me out of my comfort zone. I'm (believe it or not) an introvert who's passionate about Poetry, beaches, sunsets and funnel cake.) I am not a friend of public speaking. But try to tell my supervisors that - as if....

Anyway, we have regular meetings and conference calls and I've done several Power Point Presentations. Yeah, with a mic and everything. It was nothing like the Open Mic night I did where everyone in the room was passionate and applauded at the end. It was totally the opposite. Uptight people, half listening, and mostly waiting for you to slip up. But with Prayer and my red pumps, I somehow manage to pull it off. GOD has given me a confidence that I never knew I had and it's something I would not have discovered had my boss not been transferred.

However, you know the Lord; once you get comfortable, He brings about a change. Now I have to have my uniform ready for media interviews. "WHAT", say it isn't so. You know how they twist your words around and not to mention that the TV is supposed to make you look 10lbs heavier. I guess I'd better get out my Karaoke machine and hone up on my skills and I think I'll cut back on the brownies and start doing a few stomach crunches. If I stumble on my words, at least I'll look great!

Good night!
Love, peace and blessings for a great weekend.
If I don't comment on your blog tonight, I'll see you on Sunday!


Mizrepresent said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Much success to you lady...i am so glad to meet you! Let's not stop here...let's build bridges!

Shaz said...

Random is good...

Did you say skirts?! Ohhh im going to need to see proof. Get your swagger on girl.(smile)

I too will be checking out your new blog fam blogs.

Also, I have a fabulous brownie recipe for you.

Thanks for sharing

Solomon said...

I'll visit your new blog family blog tomorrow also. It's getting a bit late to do it tonight.

I'll give Rich and Sherry a shout
out as soon as I can!

I never like public speaking much either.

CareyCarey said...

I am with Shaz, I need to see some proof :-). See, if you keep leaving those flirtatious comments when I post my poems, I am going to ....ahhh, post some more *lol*.

Tell us the real story. Why ARE you walking and talking with all this sassyness?

I think the other officers have been looking all the time. You just weren't looking. What's that about?

Parkay said...

Hey Lady

I see you are still doing your thing and inspiring many as you can with your story. You are off the chain. I've out off the circuit lately but hopefully I spend more time with you and all my other friends I have met here on blog world. I can't wait to have some free time to sit back and relax and read all that I've been missing here.

So much has happened since we last talked but I am blessed by the best as you are. Keep doing what you do and looking pretty is one of them. I can truly relate to God taking us out of our comfort zone and amazed of how strong I am when put to the test. God loves you girl friend and so do I.

Check out my post when you get time. It was also about being taking out of my comfort zone as well. Not on the scale that your talking about but its relative gurl. I am so very proud of you LT Free Spirit Butterfly! Have a wonderful weekend ~ PEACE

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Wow, I made the opening line. Thanks, I enjoy your blog as well.

You are right about that swagger being in there from the start, we just have to believe that we have what God gave us, that it why often times he has to introduce us to our real self.

Enjoy the woman God made you to be.

Danie said...

Hey girlfriend...

I hear you on finding your swag again...I did it back in May and have been going strong ever since!

I enjoy your blog as well and I'm glad I'm back in the swing of things again...I forgot how much I miss my blog family!

A Lady's Life said...

That sounds great!
Public speaking,new duds..
the world is your oyster. Open it up and see whats inside.:)