Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Women in Blue

You stare in the mirror asking, “Who are you?”
Knowing very few women can do what you do

Your friends and family don’t really understand
Consider yourself lucky if you have a man

Your kids often ask, “When is mommy coming home?”
Although they’re being cared for, you feel you’ve left them alone

You’re always exhausted and you rarely eat
Because you’re always on patrol or walking the beat

You took an oath to protect and serve
But there’s always one idiot that gets on your nerve

The men you work with are checking you out
You politely ignore them; that’s not what you’re about

You work extra hard to prove you belong
To include lifting weights, to be just as strong

You’ve handled your share of arguments and fights
To include difficult decisions of doing what’s right

It’s the end of your shift and Thank God you survived
Not many Women in Blue come through it alive!


Strongblkwmn said...

Much respect to all the women in blue who sacrifice so much.

CareyCarey said...

Miss butterfly, I love soul searching post of this nature. I can feel a women screaming out to the world "I AM A WOMAN. CAN I BE WOMAN AND DO THIS JOB?" That question has 2 sides. I am sure you've asked yourself that question ...can I do this and should I be doing this? On the flip side, you have to be strong as a man and remain a woman.

I wish this post went deeper. I would have loved to hear more of the pain and how you've managed to handle the stress. I know you've found God. I would love to hear the before, the going through and a time called now.

crochet lady said...

Here's to you Woman in Blue! (in case you can't see, I'm saluting)

Thanks for hanging in there and doing a hard job, may the Lord give you the strength each day to do what you have to.

Love you,

PAK ART said...

My hat's off (if I wore one) to all the ladies in blue, and the men too. I appreciate what all law enforcement does to keep the peace in our society. I don't want to live in a place where there is no wrong or right.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

thank you all for you beautiful comments. Every morning I put on my glock, I'm still in awe that it's actually me carry this thing around and every night that I make it home without having to use it is by the Grace of God.

Carey, as for the stress; managing it is a day by day process. Especially when management demands things that are out of your control, not to mention the dead bodies, the innocent victims, the domestic abuse and the juveniles being arrested time after time again.

And to talk about how it affects your home life is anohter post in itself. I missed my kids a great deal, family functions and a huge part of my personal life as well.

I was 26 when I joined and there was no one there to talk me out of it per se. I was lost, bored and niave. But if I look back on it, especially since I'm a saved woman; it was all in HIS Plan. I may not have known what I was doing or where my life was headed, but the Lord had plans for me before I ever came to be.

Love, peace and blessings
Sgt. China (smile)

A Lady's Life said...

I am very proud of you China Butterfly.
Happy 4th of July kiddo!!!

Keith said...

Here's to you and all of the beautiful women in blue for all you do to keep us safe!

Hazel said...

Omg, you have to be so strong. I can imagine that each day is not a slice of pie. Every job has its ups and downs, Is it harder in a male dominated field?

R Green III said...

I have thought about joining that field on many an occasion and have always been deterred. mostly from thoughts of, as you said, dead bodies, useless violence, domestic violence. How do you detach yourself from it all. Emotionally and mentally, how do you come out unscathed and empowered enough to push forward.

Doing this job is hard enough for the men in blue, they expect woman in blue to be just as tough, when that is not necessarily warranted. Woman bring a certain care and grace to this field which is why those walls of separation should have been torn down long ago instead of constantly making you scale them to prove your worth.

Kudos to you, continue to do all the work that you have been doing. I'm sure your presence has made a very big difference.