Friday, July 17, 2009

Cherished memories

Each item in a collection has its own story, its own memory----the search, the day you bought it, who you were with, the vacation....

---Trici Guild and Elizabeth Wilhide

What's your favorite item and the story behind it?


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I have too many to type here, but my all time cherished memory is when I met my birth father for the first time, six years ago. I felt like a little girl and it was truly priceless. We spent the entire weekend together and the pictures that we took look as if we had known one another all our lives. Every year on July 8th, we celebrate our reunion. His return into my life filled a whole that was longing for love and acceptance. His love along with the Love of Christ has truly changed me for the better!

Love, peace and blessings
Free Spirit

LisaShaw said...

Too many for me to share and too much detail but what I will say is thank you for causing me to pause this moment to take some time to relive a few of them in my mind/heart.

What a precious memory you have of meeting your biological father and the relationship you both have cultivated. Awesome!

Blessings and peace.

crochet lady said...

Awesome memory of your dad.

On every vaction we go on I buy a pair of earrings. I like jewelry and their something small that won't take up alot of 'junk' space. I usually try to buy something that will capture the memory of the trip.

My favorite was a pair of gold dangle earrings that sort of looked like a hammered shield. The lord had protected us from some dangers on that particular vacation and i had done a lot of mediating on how He is a shield for me in so many areas of my life. Plus we had visited some old mining camps were precious metals were forged out of the earth.

crochet lady said...
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crochet lady said...

I'm sorry I am all thumbs tonight. That is supposed to be meditating not mediating.

Hazel said...

Happy belated birthday. I've been working so much I don't know if I am going or coming. But vacation is soon.

Thank your for all your acknowledgement and positive artistic post.

PAK ART said...

I have a small stone I picked up at the Parthenon. A small stone from an underground mine in Vienna, Austria and a black volcanic heart-shaped rock I picked up in Hawaii. I don't specifically look for rocks, but there is something so tangible about holding one and knowing, I was where this rock came from. I also have several shark teeth from a beach in Florida - they all bring back memories of travels and friends.

A Lady's Life said...

my cherished memory was going to sleep and our household being woken up in the middle of the night, by loud radio music. Every one jumped up and ran to see what happened. And there, before my eyes, was the most beautiful Christmas tree with lots of presents under it.
My parents, who staged this, pretended to be angry thinking I put on the radio and then were all surprised to see the tree lol and said well Gosh Santa was here and put the radio on.That explains it lol
I never forget that day. I must have been 4 or five.:)
To this day I don't remember what I got as presents. Must have been clothes because I never had many toys.:)