Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love takes the initiative

I heard this on the way to work this morning. Ponder on that for a moment or two. Doesn't it just sound right. This so sits well with my heart. I know that since I've become a Christian, holding on to anger, resentment and negative "stuff" just doesn't correspond with the person I am today. I'm not saying that I don't get mad, upset or irritated. I'm saying that the people and things in my life that may bring about those feelings aren't quite as serious as they once were. I read that once somewhere, "Life isn't as serious as our minds make it out to be."

Is there someone or something on your heart that needs freeing? Take the initiative and make a phone call, send an e-mail or write a hand written note; one of my favorites. Make peace with "it" and be amazed at the transformation that takes place following....

Even if the other person isn't receptive, you've taken the initiative.

Love for a great day!


SLC said...

Hey sis.
This is a great way to remove a burden. And, as you stated, "Even if the other person isn't receptive", the burden and heaviness is off of you.

Love you and see you soon

Shaz said...

SLC, I completely agree!

Butterfly - Thanks again for reminding me to let it go!

Stacye said...

That's what I'm talking about! You will always be that light that shines upon a hill that can not be hidden!

You are that person that reminds everyone that resentment and negative stuff only come to hinder the move of God in our lives.

God, is doing something AWESOME in you Neicy and I want you to get ready. The flood gates are opening and God is getting ready to rain down on you! I can feel His pleasure in you have given IT ALL to Him and have learned how to truly live without FEAR AND ANXIETY. Thank you Jesus!

Father God, I thank you for your faithfully to your people. You said in your word that you would never leave us or farsake us and I thank you. You have healed the broken heart of my sister and have delivered her from the boundage of anger and hate; anxiety and depression; frustration and self doubt.

Thank you for placing her on the path of righteousness. Thank you for her right mind to serve, honor and worship you. Thank you for the trials and tribulations that she overcame, fore, those times have made her the woman of God we enjoy today. Thank you Father for raining down blessing after blessing on your woman servant. Keep her covered under your blood and send your angels to encamp round about her home and office; her car and whereever she may travel. Give her sweet rest down in her soul and let her know in the midnight hour that you have her cradled in the comfort of your loving arms. In Jesus Name, AMEN!

As your sister in Christ I am so proud of you and as your friend I cherish you!

Love you much,

A.Smith said...

I definitely agree with this. I immediately thought of that seeingly awkward situation we've all been in at least once when the person you've been dating for a while says "I love you" for the first time. They took the initiative and THAT is the reason that it's ok not to say it back if you don't mean it.

But from a general point, thinking of the things in my personal life where I make a conscious move to do it first, or do it at all, love is usually a common factor.

I really like that quote -- must save.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So true Sis. It takes more work and energy to hold onto resentment and bitterness. It is truly freeing to be able to let go and let God.

Great Post!

Toia said...

Hello!! Hello!! I missed you so much. My computer needed some more unction to function. So, I am up and running again.

On another note, I so needed to read this post. It makes sense to me. I think the light bulb went off after I read it.

Blessings to you!!

Keith said...

I'm going to take your advice. I have someone who used to be a very close friend of mine who I have some unfinished business with.

We are cordial, but we barely speak, because of a falling out we had last year..

I didn't want to be the one to extend the olive branch because I have always been the one to do so..

but after reading your post, perhaps, once more I'll extend that
branch and be the bigger person...
don't know that it will do that much good, but at least I will have freed myself..and at the least ,I'll have a great subject to blog about. lololol.

Solomon said...

Great topic today. This is mindset I have learned to live in. Living your life worrying about what others did, or might be thinking, or might do for that matter is such a waste of energy.

Let go and live is what I say.

crochet lady said...

I truly see a spirit in you that is running towards Christ, removing all the packs of this life, one by one throwing them off and seeing them fly away like chaff in the wind. You really are a free spirit.

I am totally running with you.
Love ya, Jen

CareyCarey said...

I think you are on your way.