Thursday, March 26, 2009

Insignificant Service

Do I want to do some great thing for GOD? Perhaps I feel a touch of envy for missionaries or pastors or great leaders and speakers. Perhaps I feel that because what I am doing does not seem as significant, I am not as pleasing to GOD. But service to God cannot be evaluated by comparison to other people. The important thing to God is not how I measure up with others, but how I am doing with what he has given me.

God does not see things as we do. He knows what our capabilities are and how he can best use us. If he asks me to be a caring servant to someone and I obey, that is just the same to him as if he had called me to have a worldwide ministry and I obeyed. I must not wait for some great opportunity in the future to serve him. Whatever he has given me now I must be willing to use, however insignificant it may appear.

The devil loves lethargic dreamers who say, "I could give very little right now. I'll just wait till I am prepared to do something significant."

The Master will never give us "big" things to do if we have been unwilling to do the "small" things.


SLC said...

Hi sis.
Just stopping by to say thank you for your Ministry. The words you share here and on your other blogs are always thought provoking and inspiring.

I pray your day is fruitful.

"His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!'
Matthew 25:23 NIV

PAK ART said...

I have to remind myself of this often as I go work in the toddler room at church for the 100th time. I enjoy the children, but sometimes wonder, wasn't I meant for more? glamorous? wonderful? Then I'm reminded that unless we become like children we will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven

Keith said...

WOW...You gave me something to think about...I'm one that is always wondering if God has called me to do something GREAT..SOMETHING HUGE!!! That could just be my ego talking. It's
the little things that might possibly a big blessing to someone else.
Thanks for this post.

Stacye said...

Each one of you is an important piece of the puzzle we call earth. We each have our purposes and I could not do what you were placed here by God to do and you can not do what I was placed here by God to do.

Free Spirit...your mind springing forth such revelation to so many and your creativity inspires us ALL!

SLC...Your being the man of God that you are inspires men, from both near and far, to be better Husbands, Fathers, Brothers and Friends.

PAR ART...Just your presence with those children has you in an important position to teach them the awesome GOD we serve and to impart into them wisdom that has been imparted into you.

Keith...You speak truth from the depths of your soul and when you share your experiences people listen and are given hope and realize that their life isn't as bad as they thought it was.

I applaude you all and say to you, "The measure of life, after all is not it's duration but it's donation!"

Thank you for donating much!


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning and Happy Saturday to all. When I attended church this past Wednesday, we had a surprise guess. It was an extra surprise for me. I had planned to work late and catch up on somethings. I'm so behing in my work, it's mentally draining me. But I looked up at the clock at 2pm and decided to call it quits. I headed home and took a quick nap and then went off to church. Missionairies were visiting and the story was so very inspiring. The were building a new Church in Peru and the DVD was awesome. It left me wondering, am I doing enough and am I giving enough? I was reading my bible the next morning and the Lord led me to this post. HE will never give me BIG things if I'm not willing to do the little things. I am sufficient and he approves of my services. I have a senior friend who is almost 94, she has no family and she calls me here best friend. If I just cared for her and her alone, I'm sure that the Lord would consider that service "sufficient."

It's rainy here, but that doesn't stop me from saying, Love, peace and continued blessings for a great day!

Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Hello to you dear sister. I've totally not checked any blogs lately but I've thought of ya. In fact, I had a subject to post and I've totally close my program and lost it all.

I can so relate with the 'insignificant service' subject. And we can feel that way if we let that little voice whisper lies to us. Behind it all is the father of lies because there's no truth in Him.

I heard the other day (can't recall which program) that out of the 6 billion people on the face of the planet we call Earth - we are each very different from one another with a very specific purpose for which we were put here.

Like you, sometimes I look at others and when compare to myself feel totally useless. But as you rightly said, we are not to compare our lives to others for we have a specific purpose.

Just so you know, your love radiates through your writing and posts and you share your lives with us - perhaps an avenue of ministry that I've been ministered to in many ways.

Much love to you my dear Ms. China.


Hazel said...

I heard that like is like a play. Characters come on stage and they exit. Each one will do there part to make the piece complete.

That's not the exact quote. But I think I put it in clear thought.

So the one who pulls the curtains, is just as important as the main character.