Monday, March 9, 2009

How special am I?

I have been the winner of two gifts from my blog buddies. I love them and you! I have decided how I'm going to pay it forward. Initially I was racking my brain about what to give away. I kept asking myself what am I good at, what could I make or do? The answer came to me a minute ago while crunching on my cereal and looking at my new gift from "PAK ART." And to the right of me on my nightstand was my gift from "Thy word is a lamp..."

So it hit me. I must admit I'm good (smile). I said girl, "you are a passionate writer, so ask them to write something." Here goes: I am asking if you would like to participate in my pay it forward give away? If so, please submit a Haiku in the comments section and the winner will receive a "gift basket" based on how well I think I know you!

P.S. Remember, only if you feel comfortable enough to email me your address!
P.S.S If you don't know what a Haiku is and don't feel like looking for your Websters, click on my Poetry and Prose Blog and look on the right hand side! (free publicity, lol)

Love, peace and blessings!


Anonymous said...

More than one entry?
Want to know before I start.
Thank you for your time

crochet lady said...

Here's my attempt.

Crochet, collage, yarn
Tales spun deep in my head
Music made and prayed

I wrote about me.

SLC said...

Made in His image
It is the call of my life
To show man His Love

PAK ART said...

I'm happy to see my art posted on your page. I need more time to create a haiku - that's harder than it looks!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I love it! WOW, this is fun. I'm getting teary eyed by the talent.... Anonymous, I don't know if that's your entry or a real question. If it's your entry, be still my heart (smile) If it's a Q. Yes, one entry per poet (lol)

Love, peace and blessings for a great day everyone!

PAK ART said...

crunchy, white, cold, snow
snow machine gliding on ice
iris bulbs think spring

Toia said...

Here's my attempt:

Healer Provider
When I need Him, I Just Call
He is always there

Blessings to you!!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hold tight everyone, the contest ends tonight at 8pm! Have a splendid day!

LP&B, The Butterfly

Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Hello there -
Please make it easier next time so I can participate (lol). Sweet giveaway.


Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Here's my meager attempt. By the way, I didn't know what a 'Haiku' was. I had to look it up.

Grace and peace dear one
From the One who adores You
That’s why I chose you

Strongblkwmn said...

Constantly tripping
Suitcase packed for the journey
Destination self