Thursday, March 12, 2009

Haiku Winners, yes it's a tie!

It was tough and it was also very exciting. Believe me, we all have a story in us. And for those of you who think that you can not write a book, think again. You're blogging regularly and if you look back on your post, you've probably written a couple of short stories by now. (smile)

Toia "Designer's Orginal"
Healer Provider
When I need Him, I just call
He is always there

Tammy "Diary of a Strong Black Woman"
Constantly tripping
Suitcase packed for the journey
Destination self

These both spoke to my heart because Toia's Haiku reminds that GOD has always been there for me and yet when I was in control of my life, I didn't see HIM. But then when my life started to fall apart I called on HIM, and I swear HE stopped everything HE was doing and HE answered my call.

And in reference to Tammy's Haiku, she is on a journey towards self discovery. A journey that I've taken and am still taking. I applaud her openness as she journals about her life and where it's taking her.


Stacye said...

Yes, I agree it's a tie! POWERFUL WORDS BY POWERFUL PEOPLE! Congrats to you both!


Strongblkwmn said...

Thanks! I Stacye and Butterfly, you have both been there from the beginning of my blog journey to self. I knew my haiku had to express that. I feel like starting a poetry blog now.

SLC said...

You made a great choice
And I adore Tammy's voice
Pain can't silence her

These Haiku's are fun.
Thanks for introducing me to them.

Tammy, I guess your last diary post is just a part of the journey.

I Love y'all.

Keith said...

I love Haiku's...I'm going to try and write some myself.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hey everybody, thanks for stopping by. HAPPY Thursday and as always,
Love, peace and blessings!

SBW please email me at

PAK ART said...

Congratulations to Toia and Tammy! It's fun to get stuff but even more fun to give it away. I love haiku's - my sister writes them often, but I've never really tried.