Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ten things you don't know about me...

I've seen a few who did 25 and my hats off to them because I'm struggling with 10 (smile). Here goes....
1) I use to collect self-help books in hopes of discovering who I am and why I am only to discover that the Bible had/has all the answers I'll ever need.
2) I'd give up my house and all my prized possessions if I could have a job that I love, regardless of the pay.
3) If I had the choice to publish one of my books or counsel young women, I'd choose the latter.
4) In my next relationship, I will not bring my old luggage.
5) Call it ESP, but I always knew that I had a brother out there somewhere and in 2003 I found him. He's jealous because I'm the big sister and I have a motorcycle (lol).
6) I use to check my horoscope religiously until I started reading the bible.
7) I have a fear of heights.
8) I use to be insecure about my body image so most of my wardrobe consist of black, brown and gray.
9) I have a crush on someone....
10) I use to be really shy until I read a website about coping w/divorce and it said to speak to someone you don't know everyday!

Love, peace and blessings
The butterfly


Shanita Waters said...

Hi Ms. Butterfly... it's nice to learn 10 things about you. I pray that all is well.

crochet lady said...

Thanks for helping me know you better. Glad you were reunited with your brother.

I love the picture of you on the swing. As girl I was practically planted on my wooden board swing in the big Ash tree in the front yard. I'd dream away the hours there and worded some of my first prayers there. I still like to swing, but it's a glider one on my deck now.

Love Ya!

Stacye said...

I love how you recognize and appreciate the old and the new things about yourself.

I am really enjoying the new on my sister!

God has great things in store for you and He has placed you on the right path. Keep studying and SHOWING yourself approved. What you have sown, you will surely reap and your harvest is at hand!

You have not struggled in vain. Your story will be told...sooner not later, I hear the Lord say! Get ready for your break through!!!
Be prepared because there will be a distraction coming your way and I am confident that you are now equipped with the tools to not move around it, under it, over it, but THROUGH IT! Because on the otherside of through is OUT!

I love you and I bless God for the connection with your brother, as well.

Love Ya,

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning beautiful ladies, thanks for visiting my 101 post. GOD is Awesome. I never saw past the first few postings and now we are all connected through blogging and I LOVE it and you!

Love and continued blessings!

SLC said...

With all the wisdom you have to share, I believe you'll get to do both in number 3, and I believe this ministry can bless you enough to keep your prized possessions and your house form number 2. I see you walking in that kind of favor.

Have a lovely weekend.

PAK ART said...

why do most of us feel insecure about our body image? Most women I know are uncomfortable in some way with their bodies yet we are all created in the image of God. I know it is when I let the worlds veiwpoint take over and try to please man instead of God that takes me down that path. Yet I struggle with it.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

SLC what a beautiful thing to say. That's why you're my #1 Big Brother in Blog-land!

PAK ART - You hit the nail on the head, the World's veiw point.... I have yet to shake society's version of the perfect size 6, or is it 2? I can't remember. I'm growing closer to being comfortable in my own skin...

Love, peace and blessings for a great weekend!

Joyfulsister said...

Hey Sistah!!
So do tell..who is the Mistah LOL.. that you have a crush on !!
I enjoyed reading your list and getting to know *U* a little better. Thanks so much for the kind words for Cwislyn. Love the pic.. I have not been on a swing for soooo long, LOL

Hugz Lorie