Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our dream came true!


Strongblkwmn said...

I am overwhelmed with happiness and pride. Barack Obama showed dignity and grace througout this entire process and I give him the utmost respect for that. His family is in my prayers.

Looking at that beautiful, black first family sends chills down my spine. God bless them.

SLC said...

You said it Free Spirit, Our Dream.
I had a great conversation with a Caucasian co-worker who was close to tears (dressed in blue) as she talked about the experience yesterday. I'm glad Obama won without retaliating to the ugliness with more of the same, but with grace and dignity as Strongblkwmn stated.

Quoting the famous Soul Philospoher Sir James Brown, I FEEL GOOD!


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I wanted to go back to STB post a few weeks ago.. SAY IT LOUD, I'M BLACK & I'M PROUD but I'd rather shout it........ CAN YOU HEAR ME?

Love, peace & blessings to all!
I'm so very happy that my parents are still here to witness.

Praise GOD all day long............

Shanita Waters said...

Hi Free Spirit... I'm going to have to remember how to add blogs to the follow or blog roll list again. I'm getting old. LOL..

Now for my comment - This is a beautiful day. I am so proud of him, black people as a race and America as well. We've come a long way. There was a time when that many non-black people would have never even dreamt of casting enough ballots to make a black man ruler of the nation. This is AWESOME!

Fitts said...

Nice blog!

DeAntwan Fitts

Parkay said...

Hello Free Spirit Butterfly. I found your blog site through a mutual friend (Shanita Waters) who near and dear to me. I was like wow, I love your site and how beautiful it looks but most of all I like the content. I am a new to this blogging thing and very impressed with what people like me have to say. Stay strong and be encouraged always. What you are doing and what I have read and seen so far is absolutely beautiful. I will definitely be checking you out on the regular. God's Blessings to You! PEACE

PS. You dog is beautiful. I must put a picture of my cat on my page, lol. Thanks for the idea! ANd yes I am proud to Have Obama as our president. WE need some real change up in that house, lol.